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  1. With balance 0.004-0.01 satoshies.... Base: 40 satoshies, increase 1.5% on lose When u met 3-5 bet higher 55 or lower 45.. switch to 1.8x and roll to recover!... Then comeback base or increase a less Good luck! U can earn 300-400k/ days with this strategy (i like 99x, so quick - so fast recovery )
  2. Tk you very much :).. i will try Hunger Games later
  3. Username: GodBlessU :(. I always pm... Robear said that i'm on whitelist :(... but i check it is not. Tks for advance
  4. Is down now :(... i have earned 600exp.... lol
  5. Congrats... keep your lucky always
  6. I have busy at least at October to comeback :D... hope will see u again at this time
  7. I'm semi-beggar :)))... nice to meet u again raven
  8. Username: GodBlessU Joined date: 17.11.2014
  9. Yah.. 30% on loss it enough for this strategist.. but more risk more profit
  10. Now he is recovering about 1.3BTC :).. hope Martingale make him get more profit!!
  11. He made 8.6 BTC on profit... and after 15 rolls... Gone away?... what about u?
  12. Lol.. 86% is not the good rate ;).. if u lose... oh my god.. you make 15 time to next... when meet martigale... fails :).. anyway... hope u will have another percent