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    jenkhu reacted to BettyBits in Posting a Freebie Tips Guide Page 1   
    This should be under the strategy section.. but think it will get most attention here. 
    V1.0 Page 1 of 29
    Video of gameplay
    Good Luck and Practice Practice 😉

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    jenkhu reacted to nolep in Latest crypto coin price analysis   
    Hello friends, I will invite you to discuss about this news. I am a gambling player who is very active in trading so I will help friends who need news like this
    news link https://cointelegraph.com/news/price-analysis-april-10-btc-eth-xrp-bch-bsv-ltc-eos-bnb-xtz-link
    I myself think the analysis in the news is quite helpful because yesterday I almost lost and still had time to sell the bitcoin that I have, and the current price of bitcoin is still going up and down in the price of $ 6800 to $ 6900 is still trying to keep on looking at the chart. a quick rise to $ 7,000 or down immediately.
    I hope this news is very helpful,
    What do you think ? I really want to know your opinion?
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    jenkhu reacted to UltraChief in [0.0012BTC] [Raffle - 86] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!   
    Here is the winners list for the 86th raffle:
    1 Jenya158
    2 darkeez
    3 bondardima
    4 williamsh
    5 - Blizzkhan
    6 Subareg
    7 vaibhavsingh
    8 Bolik1337
    9 Heya
    11 - Xantys
    12 showrov1993
    Congrats to all winners!
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    jenkhu reacted to MrPanrox in CryptoGamblersPub | Exchange between/inside crypto gambling sites   
    Hello Lupandina,
    I tipped the dinabot to verify account. However that was 2 days ago and he didn't return my tip as informed.
    I am grateful to see if this is correct.
  5. Haha
    jenkhu reacted to Nevena in The confession game   
    Hey guys.
    I have a game for you. You need to confess something to user above you. You need only to allow someone else to post at least once before you post again. I'll confess something to start the game. 
    -I am afraid of not being accepted in society and that is my biggest problem.
    It's your turn now. Have fun. 
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    jenkhu reacted to Keepit in 5 Star Mod (Mrade)   
    ☺️ first of all let me introduce my name is keepit and started join primedice since 2014 till this day..I felt so glad now so many people enjoy the chat couse there is active and friendly mod..I wished Admin rewards more to this mod so they can continue support and make primedice better place than any sites in this world.
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    jenkhu reacted to Edward in Nothing is too small to show off!   
    Don't be phased by big winners. Show off anything you feel was a good moment for you in Primedice, or any gambling site for that matter.
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    jenkhu reacted to horacewoodwood in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    How about a competition where only 00.00 and 99.99 are counted as points and the larger the bet, the more points you get?
    Give it 2 weeks, or maybe a month to end, have 10 paid places. I also think this is an opportunity to see some awesome bets in case anyone hits one of these while betting big. Thank you for your attention
  9. Haha
    jenkhu reacted to MateuszHDHR1 in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Bingo Challenge!   
    22,122,872,310 placed by MateuszHDHR1 on 4/16/2018
    Wagered: 0.00000100 | Multiplier: 2.00x | Profit: 0.00000100 22,122,959,080 placed by MateuszHDHR1 on 4/16/2018
    Wagered: 0.00000100 | Multiplier: 2.00x | Profit: 0.00000100 22,123,222,754 placed by MateuszHDHR1 on 4/16/2018
    Wagered: 0.00000100 | Multiplier: 2.00x | Profit: 0.00000100
  10. Haha
    jenkhu reacted to thinklatest in 1 BTC in 18 Days   
    Hi Friends Here I am addict of PRIMEDICE
    and I have little bit experience of playing Bets on Primedice instead of others
    I have an strategy to make 1 BTC in 1 week from .01 to 1 btc
    Strategies for it -
    Start from - Payout - 4.20 increase bet by 40% Base bet 1000 (Play till achieve 10%)
    Then change strategy to Payout 25.00 increase bet by 10% Base bet 100 (Play for two times only)if you played 4.20 in high then use as low or if you played 4.20 in low then use it as low
    Then change strategy to 1.10 base bet 1000 play manual for just fun and follow your updown roller and count how many red they giving for strategy 4.20 after that play again 4.20 till 10% more profit Then stop playing
    After That play after 5 hours and play only 2 times in a Day
    1st day -      .01         to     .0125
    2nd day -     .0125    to     .0180
    3rd day -      .0180    to     .0220
    4th day -      .0220    to     .0275
    5th day -      .0275    to     .0344
    6th day -      .0344    to     .0430
    7th day -      .0430    to     .1075
    8th day -      .107      to      .128
    9th day -      .128      to      .160
    10th day -    .160      to      .200
    11th day -    .200.     to      .225
    12th day-     .225      to      .275
    13th day-     .275      to      .344
    14th day -    .344      to      .430
    15th day -    .430      to      .538
    16th day -    .538      to      .673
    17th day -    .673      to      .842
    18th day -    .842      to     1.052 BTC
    I will Play in these strategy Shortly then I will update screenshots everyday
    Date 23/04/2018
    Wagered    0.03572815         Profit    0.00250988
    Profit 30%
    Date 24/04/2018
    https://prnt.sc/j9bgw9.   (In Morning)
    Profit 170%(on Base Amount)
    Date 25/04/2018
    https://prnt.sc/j9she7   (In Morning)
    Profit 440%(on Base Amount)
    Date 26/04/2018
    https://prnt.sc/ja8nsm (In Morning)
    Profit 560%(on Base Amount)
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    jenkhu reacted to Edward in 🏆 Edward's Christmas giveaway!   
    For everyone with either over 100 chat messages or 10 forum posts I'm going to personally give $2 worth of Bitcoin to. Only for the first 200 people!
    Post your PD username and I'll credit you in a week. 
    Merry Christmas guys. This is just a giveaway from me, expect some stuff from official Primedice soon!
    Edit: Since this is my giveaway I have the right not to credit obvious alt accounts & abusers, so don't bother <3
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    jenkhu reacted to 19bani85 in Bitcoin Wallets   
    Which wallet do you all people use for Bitcoin or for altcoins? 
    Which wallet is safe to keep your coins??? 
  13. Haha
    jenkhu reacted to athena2007 in PM's While You Roll [Part 2.] 😑😑😑   
    and who where these peeps.. name and shame please,,,,,
  14. Haha
    jenkhu reacted to dmbadillo10 in PM's While You Roll [Part 2.] 😑😑😑   
    Heya.. 😑
    Sad. I got victimized again by this shiiit. 😑
    50k to 1m. Then bust after a "congrats" and "nice hits there dmb" PMs from 2 peeps I dont even converse ever! 😂
    Sorry for the rant, i aint got no place to rant but here. Hahahaa. 😂😂😂😂
  15. Haha
    jenkhu reacted to 19bani85 in Bitcoin Wallets   
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    jenkhu reacted to ROCCATBLANK in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    I suggest the following! We select 5 participants, then each has a balance of 0.001. Give them time about 1 hour. At the end of time, the one with the balance above the other participants, becomes the winner. 8)