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  1. haha yeah.. that's damn true mate other's here really think that PD is somewhat a charitable institution haha
  2. sure mate, as long as you have enough strong internet connecetion
  3. the most painful punishment that a man can give to his wife is when the man caught cheating..
  4. wow, thanks for this, gotta try it
  5. I taught I was gonna be busted there from faucet 100 sats turns to 200k sats using 2.4x payout ,86% on loss and on win reset to base with basebet 600 ,lucky hehe
  6. yes sir @Zoltan he's my officemate and im the one introducing him
  7. because I sense that of the 3 people commenting on my post only @Han2x has it by using maybe my posted pic coz he edit it but he's just my officemate sir
  8. Who was it sir? do you mean @Han2x If he's the one you're referring to then you're mistaken. ,I didn't use multi-account sir just check our i.p and mac address
  9. yeah.. I love it also ,its not a pain in the eye
  10. Wow.. you must be awarded for it man ,commended
  11. thanks Please read my post boss @hui
  12. Hi to all admins and moderator , Why do I'm not included in the winners of 5th talkative and why I'm being blacklisted? I comply all the requirements and doesn't have warning or spams please reply.. boss @Zoltan
  13. Congratulations on your promotion once again @MICRO
  14. well said there , better gamble big if you want a bigger wins
  15. thanks for this, gotta try it but unfortunately that's for with big balances only.. ouch..
  16. labilaabs

    Your count

    mine, I think its just 9 hehe
  17. Hi Primedice and our loving admins and modders in this forum, just delete my post if this kind of suggestion is posted already as what I've read there's still none. It's all about speedbetting in autobet, ahm how about creating a speed button in autobet? i think its a nice idea for us gamblers also not to be more nervous the way how fast the autobet runs ands its creeping me out watching how my balance is suddenly gone hehe ,Thank you PD