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  1. haha yeah.. that's damn true mate other's here really think that PD is somewhat a charitable institution haha
  2. the most painful punishment that a man can give to his wife is when the man caught cheating..
  3. wow, thanks for this, gotta try it
  4. I taught I was gonna be busted there from faucet 100 sats turns to 200k sats using 2.4x payout ,86% on loss and on win reset to base with basebet 600 ,lucky hehe
  5. yes sir @Zoltan he's my officemate and im the one introducing him
  6. because I sense that of the 3 people commenting on my post only @Han2x has it by using maybe my posted pic coz he edit it but he's just my officemate sir
  7. Who was it sir? do you mean @Han2x If he's the one you're referring to then you're mistaken. ,I didn't use multi-account sir just check our i.p and mac address
  8. yeah.. I love it also ,its not a pain in the eye
  9. Wow.. you must be awarded for it man ,commended
  10. thanks Please read my post boss @hui