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    lolgato got a reaction from pacoquiche in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Make it some kind of bet hunt like if you hit a certain bet id you get points/btc for it and the people with the most points win?
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    lolgato got a reaction from Noeprellik1 in New Max bet toggle   
    I love the new max bet toggle primedice has introduced, it will definitely help those with stubby fingers and can't stop themselves from hitting that button. I usually go all in so it isn't really different for me, but it might for other users.
    What do you think about this new feature?
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    lolgato got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in 10BTC - Spend in 24Hours Test 😲💲💱   
    I would sell like 2 btc 😛 The go on a gambling streak hopefully turning the remaining 8 btc into 100 btc or into 0 but it would be a nice road and easy 20k made
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    lolgato got a reaction from Zynce in The grind to 1BTC!   
    I will definitely follow this goal closely and see if you accomplish it, if you do I might try it out myself. I might try it out with a bit higher starting bankroll though.
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    lolgato got a reaction from betincrypto in FortuneJack - 110% Deposit Bonus - Casino & SportsBook   
    Won a nice 0.01 btc giveaway here. Turned it to 0.02btc and withdrawed, didnt like how the withdraws arent auto though.
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    lolgato got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in [Challenge] 30 Day Savings Challenge 👌💰   
    Grats on those earnings m8  I usually just gamble with those tips and bust them  
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    lolgato got a reaction from Pandemonium in Rape in marriage   
    Obviously it's rape if the wife doesn't want to have sex and he forces her its rape it goes both ways if the husband doesn't want to have sex and his wife forces him its rape regardless.
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    lolgato got a reaction from ravenyvolle in Abbas50 giveaways -- what happened   
    He seems like he is capable of paying it but refuses to make at least some contact with the forum/any users. Him not making any contact with any of the mods or any contact with anyone kind of says he's not going to pay this.
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    lolgato got a reaction from Bojana in Stake   
    My favorite game so far has to be HI/LO. The amount of luck required and you can just go on a nice long streak without stopping and always knowing your profit :).
    HI/LO is also very fast paced instead of having to wait for the plinko ball to drop the roulette wheel to stop spinning or the chart to stop climbing the cards are instant. 
    For an improvement you can probably have an option to turn off plinko/roulette animations especially when you have very bad internet connection.
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    lolgato got a reaction from shinjo in So close to winning 1btc jackpot   
    Had a close encounter with the notorious primedice jackpot I had a 0.01% chance to win it after my first roll  but it failed
    Hopefully someone will win this jackpot someday and maybe with 0.01 bets

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    lolgato reacted to RollingYourHead in What would you do if you´ve got mistipped a big amount like happened to me today?   
    yea most of you are sayin that you would return it does not matter what amount would that be. I call that bullshit, you know. I would to see what would you do if you got mistipped with 10Bitcoins. I would really love to see that. It's not that big amount of money but decent already. It's so freakin easy to say Yea I would return it no matter what if you never been in such situation, so my proposal guys is stop tryin to lie yourself and the others, just bring the truth on the table. If I got mistipped with 50Bitcoins I would run away with it not even thinkin I did something wrong because that is how survival instinct works, if you would return it that would simply mean you do not have one and talkin about being honorable in such cases is just ridiculous.
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    lolgato reacted to Kristoffff in Block incoming Pm from non friends.   
    Seeing quite a few ppl get bugged with beggar private messages, look into it if it's possible to make it so only people on your friend list can pm you. Or,have the option to have your pm open to all or toggle it to friends only.
    This way people can get rid of beggars
    edit: ofcourse support, staff can pm users nonetheless

    @MICRO @Edward
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    lolgato reacted to johnjeff in Btcprominer legit??   
    this is legit for site but you need to updgrade first before you withdraw you earn but once only you need 0.02 earn then upgrade 0.01 you profit 0.01  
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    lolgato reacted to hui in 2 Million Users Giveaway!   
    We see a tremendous amount of abuse in this (and other) giveaways that makes me really sad.
    Be aware that we will block any users we find abusing giveaways and contest not only for the current one but also all future giveaways and contests. We are also considering further steps, too.
    People abusing Primedice's generousity this way make a huge part of the reasons of why we can't have some nice things - so please understand that we have a 0-tolerance policy there.
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    lolgato reacted to JstLikeMagyk in PD High Rollers that don't chat   
    Dude it's a fucking online casino, Try walking up to random people in a real casino and irritating them while they're trying to enjoy themselves.
    What a ridiculous notion to put forward.
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    lolgato reacted to mgod in legit mining site   
    Hashflare.io is legit but ROI may take up to years
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    lolgato reacted to king0007 in Bitdiceme Token   
    I think they want four referral and eeach of them have to wager .1 to get 1 token
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    lolgato reacted to dadadarlyn11 in Happening now! Winnings!   
    I just made 0.01 to 0.04+ btc wd 0.021. 999 dice made me won again ? thanks a lot 999dice  <3 @akosiasin

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    lolgato got a reaction from born2win in Bitsler Gambling   
    I love how people act like there's a degree of fairness. News flash there's none bitsler uses the same provably fair system as primedice so if you say bitsler is not fair your indirectly saying primedice is not fair. I don't like playing on bitsler compared to primedice not because of some bs "umg its not as fair as primedice" it's because of how it looks just not my favorite kind of design. Those that saying its harder to win there that doesn't make any sense it has the same randomness as primedice you win some you lose some accept it.
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    lolgato reacted to Bitcoinani in Bitsler Gambling   
    Bitsler is as rigged as fuck lost a lot on bitsler PD is far better if we talk about fair games
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    lolgato got a reaction from Brais in First impressions of Primedice?   
    Whenever I sign up for something I already know what i'm getting into, I don't sign up to a random website and ask for advice. When I found Primedice I looked up its name found screenshots looked at videos found topics about it. Then I went in my first impressions of me logging on? It went as i expected I loved the sleek look of the v3 and loved it.
    What made me deposit? I deposited because I wanted to gamble I loved the design of the site, saw great reviews and saw good videos about the site I just had to depsoit. My first deposit was quite small to be honest a measly 70k satoshi just to test out the site. After i tested out the site a bit I then did 5 rapid fire deposits totaling over 0.15btc. 
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    lolgato got a reaction from Rene in My personal Technique   
    When i gamble i start with an incredibly low balance such as 0.001 - 0.05 btc. I start with a simple 66% all in once i win this I then start to switch it up and all in the profit on 33% on the other side. If it's a loss I then all in my balance on 66% again. If you win then i start risking it for 0.1 - 1 bitcoin. I do all ins on 66 - 75% constantly switching sides. If i don't make it don't redeposit take a break because if you do you will bet wanting to recover and that only causing you to risk all on percentages such as 50 - 33% which will most likely lead to a lose. I would wait 2-3 days then redeposit to try and make my goal again.
    I have made the following with this technique:
    0.1 bitcoins to 23 bitcoins
    0.05 bitcoins to 0.3 bitcoins
    0.0005 bitcoins to 0.1 bitcoins
    Small win 25k satoshi to 0.026btc
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    lolgato got a reaction from Carollzinha in IF YOU GET OFFENDED I COULDNT CARE LESS   
    Great meme mate and it definitely has some truth in it. Not pointing fingers or anything
    You should make more memes that are as funny as this one
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    lolgato got a reaction from GodBlessU in What kind of Poker you like most?   
    Texas Hold'em I play omaha sometimes but not much. Hold'em im most used too and what I play most.
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    lolgato got a reaction from biggad in I m biggad   
    Well thanks for your introduction finally  Hope to see you around more but probably won't as you spend alot of time in russian section which i dont speak xD.