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  1. [Have]Currency 1BTC - [Want]Currency 2- LTC Price offered : 0.002 BTC Any other details:
  2. Buy a ledger nano S and use it have one myself and store my eth, btc and now ltc on it.
  3. Never changing my name here forever a lolcat But yeah it can definitely be confusing thinking about whose alt could this new account be or could it be an entirely new user.
  4. I love the new max bet toggle primedice has introduced, it will definitely help those with stubby fingers and can't stop themselves from hitting that button. I usually go all in so it isn't really different for me, but it might for other users. What do you think about this new feature?
  5. Haha I wish winning was this easy But if it was everybody would be doing it 😛 . All I can is good luck to you and whoever who try to attempt the same strategy and may they win.
  6. Do you guys like the new settings box that pops up when you click for it? I mean I actually like it as you can be auto betting and still be looking at your logs etc without interrupting your bets. But some people may have liked the previous version of how it opened your page so wanted to know your opinions :D.
  7. I would sell like 2 btc 😛 The go on a gambling streak hopefully turning the remaining 8 btc into 100 btc or into 0 but it would be a nice road and easy 20k made
  8. Yeah got a nice 50 satoshi faucet Doesn't really change much for me since I rarely use it and the difference between it and 10 sats is very small :/.
  9. I started with pd3 It was quite neat looking back then and it's still nostalgic to see old videos/images of back then.
  10. I'm actually thankful for discovering bitcoin so early it allows easy payment processing allowing me to purchase items with ease.
  11. I actually like pd 5 The new look of it is definitely appealing for me and I prefer it over pd 4 but I still love pd 3
  12. I will definitely follow this goal closely and see if you accomplish it, if you do I might try it out myself. I might try it out with a bit higher starting bankroll though.
  13. Since July 2015 i've been gambling and to date i'm down quite a bit of btc which is pretty upsetting tbh
  14. Congratulations on that win man my largest bets are quite large and most have been green but the biggest ones have been red sadly Keep up the good work on those greens man
  15. Grats on those earnings m8 I usually just gamble with those tips and bust them
  16. lolgato


    This site does payout but would not recommend. I mean your mining wasting $100+ on electricity while getting peanuts in return.
  17. He seems like he is capable of paying it but refuses to make at least some contact with the forum/any users. Him not making any contact with any of the mods or any contact with anyone kind of says he's not going to pay this.
  18. https://www.bitstamp.net/article/statemen-regarding-recent-third-party-audit-report/ It was just a bitstamp audit. Confused why you asked what its for when its clearly tagged as bitstamp audit on the transaction
  19. So wrong on so many levels the chance of hitting 2x in a row is already lottery level difficult 3x in a row is just another thing which should not even be considered.
  20. Those happen rarely I hope it will happen with 77.77 with me and a 10k sat bet
  21. Glad Mayweather took this down. I placed 0.1btc on him took a nice 0.02btc