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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    Since most of us are aware of the possibility of winning certain bet with low bet base, why can't we just stick to the low bet base to accumulate the profit?
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in Girls/Women in Primedice   
    You're right, most of all the female usernames are fake. Except the once from the Philippines few of them are real,  the real 1% female on primedice are the female supports.
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    Dboyeric reacted to sheenaz.bay in Have you ever forgotten to change / reset on loss?   
    I will be very happy if an error becomes a fortune, can you imagine what would happen if 300k satoshi hits 9900x? I will be rich like winning the lottery
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    Dboyeric reacted to misamo in Ever been in a pump and dump experience ?   
    I got in a dump situation back in January 2018 when I bought Ethereum and the price keeps on going down. Up until now I haven't recovered yet and still holding the Ethereum I bought that time.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in +120 reds 9x?   
    The more red you get on high payout, the higher your chances of hitting it back to back.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Races   
    Busted a few coins rolling for this morning race. 
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    Dboyeric reacted to DreamStage in Winner or a Loser?   
    Probabily because they do not know how to stop being the same greedy over and over again. One gambler must understand from his past mistakes and pick other strategies instead doing the same old mistakes. Changing a strategy on a consecutive amount of minutes will help you achieving a better quality gambling.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from cryptomonkey in Only luck will make you win or that you need to have a good strategy?   
    Most people commenting bad day etc are playing low payout, am not saying those playing high payout do not lose, they also lose,what makes high payout interesting is the rate at wish you recover all lost bets in a single hit makes it fun. But unfortunately everything good going must come to and end unless you stop playing
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from cryptomonkey in Only luck will make you win or that you need to have a good strategy?   
    Players need more than just luck, big bankroll is also an important factor
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    Dboyeric reacted to DreamStage in Will mining all the bitcoins cause problem ?   
    That will just be impossible  Because not everyone will be selling their Bitcoins immediatly and because the market will be on steady holding just like GOLD is.
    Eventually someone will come up with a newer plan of increasing the max possible allowed bitcoins to exist to update the algorithm from it's root. Just like IPv4 vs IPv6
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    Dboyeric reacted to williamsh in Primedices most successful player   
    No, none in particular. I don't always have time to chat and watch high rollers, so I don't really focus too much on specific users. Users also tend to come and go, so consistency with a specific user isn't always possible.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in Do you believe that bitcoin will reach a high value?   
    No doubt bitcoin will always increase in value, but no chance of it getting to $20,000 this year, maybe it will reach $10,000, them drop again so that traders can catch on their profits.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in What did you learn ?   
    Have been able to learn how to control my urge on PD this past few days.
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    Dboyeric reacted to sheenaz.bay in How not to get greedy?   
    yes I understand now. that's good, don't be too greedy in playing. good luck
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Xlmcoins in How do you control your patience .   
    Nice write-up, i actually learned from this. Patience is one things i don't have in gambling. I hope the situation turns around for me very soon.
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    Dboyeric reacted to sheenaz.bay in Do you risk too much to increase your earnings or try to earn little?   
    I often use Payout 99x. because I have a strategy that always hits me on payout 99x. I still often use 99x rather than 990x. You could say, I never lost my balance if I still use Payout 99x
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    Dboyeric reacted to sheenaz.bay in Can gambling be categorized as one type of work?   
    It is true, if the business is for people who do not know their knowledge, it can be said to be similar to udi people gambling. business is gambling if that's the way you do it. However, business is not gambling. Business can be predicted if you are clear in starting a business. For those of you who have dared to open a business, I thumbs up. But courage is not enough. You also need those whose names can master technology. Then you also have to have product knowledge. What you sell must be mastered.
    Suppose you open a workshop. What are the advantages of your workshop compared to other workshops in your city? Your workshop has advantages or not? Do you master the products that you market or not? If you do not master the product you are marketing, then why should I go to your workshop? I can go to another workshop. The workshop may be the workshop of your competitors that may have been longer, more proven, the service is good, the service is fast, the price is cheap.
    If you cannot overcome these advantages, how can customers from the workshop turn to your customers? That is why you have to master product knowledge. Next, build a distribution line, supplier base and customer base.
    so the point is the problem experienced by beginner entrepreneurs. Many beginner entrepreneurs don't have enough knowledge about the business world, but they dare to open a business without being based on the right experience. Finally his business went bankrupt.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Earlyseven in Rain, Rain, Rain!   
    Nice one steve
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    Dboyeric reacted to Cathy in What do you do when You lose a lot?   
    I just chill and take a rest. Dont try to out of control when you lose its risky
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    Dboyeric reacted to Alrose123 in Prove to me God is or isn't real.   
    For me yes God is good and can exist his my saviour and also he has a power dont regreat him because he is the only one knows of everything 
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    Dboyeric reacted to MrNice23 in How not to get greedy?   
    I think greed is relative , if you have deposit like 100$ and you want to double it , i don't think so this so greedy..  I think you should cashout when you happy , satisfied with your winnings , if you go on playing even if you reached the satisfaction point then you're in the greed zone and this can be very risky for your balance..
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    Dboyeric reacted to JstLikeMagyk in How not to get greedy?   
    I'm having some new success setting little micro goals of 10k - 50 k satoshis and then vaulting it which is pretty cool kinda why we asked for this function for so long
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from al2mert in Bet speeds   
    Are you referring to the autobet on primedice or dicebot? Autobet speed actually depends on your wager amount, the higher your wager amount is the more speed you get.
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    Dboyeric reacted to al2mert in Bet speeds   
    I use dicebot, it gets fasters after 10satoshis, but i didnt notice much difference on bets bigger then 10sats.
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    Dboyeric reacted to williamsh in Bonzo is back! :D   
    That is awesome news! I never knew it was back, so that is great. I just hope that people do not abuse it by making trivias asking people to type bonzo, and then get themselves muted.