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    Dboyeric got a reaction from bigbrankx in If you die tomorrow   
    Am very sure You've been having sex before the news of you dying in the next 24hours, i would suggest you spend enough time with your loved ones
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from bigbrankx in I'm new in gambling but got. Good profit   
    Well am guilty of this, whenever i win, i still end up putting the money back into the system. I wish there is a way around that
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in What do you think about the New "Vault Feature"   
    I just saw the vault features, its a good initiatives. But most users will have difficulty in swtiching to this new vault idea, because most of us are fond of tipping from bank account
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    Dboyeric reacted to Bojana in More than 1 challenge per week   
    One Challenge per week on PD is default now  Mostly, users get a lot of profit from them and this is basically us sharing money to the players, if you look at it objectively.
    There are a lot of features that PD has introduced lately that provides users to earn more on site - rain-bot, email promotions, RakeBack, Pay-per-post forum, rain by mods and support, faucet has been there since the beginning, etc.

    Personally, I think an additional challenge would be an overkill, but that's just my two cents  
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from sadriii in Show me your best bitcoin jokes!   
    NASA has actually been to the moon, while bitcoin is still on it's way to the moon
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from cryptomonkey in New SCRIPT for dicebot win 100%   
    good because script doesn't last long, funniest thing is it will bust you when you're at sleep
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from nikowin44 in Strategies and pattern   
    Probability is the best way to understand it, and lastly never roll for a long period because they house edge would balance up to move ahead,which is to win you
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    Dboyeric reacted to Kargai in Did you make profit with XRP (Ripple)?   
    I bought some XRP last year around 25 cents, sold half of them at 3.4$ to recover my initial investment + buy some Stellar and now i'm holding both coins long term, nothing to loose.
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    Dboyeric reacted to Dan in Again about security   
    It is but people share their details and as a result shit happens. They are usually the ones who lose their funds because of deceit. We do our best but account sharing is not easy to combat without adding additional security measures which sadly effects everyones gambling experience. We have introduced 2fa as a temp measure until the vault is released. 2fa on tipping is not permanent and it isn't something we want to keep around for long.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from KoningHosselaar in How to never bust in x2 payout   
    This strategy might work you know? Since the easy way out isn't working. Maybe we should try the harder way. 2x all the way
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    Dboyeric reacted to Bojana in CoinFarm   
    What Ultra said, we cannot intervene, we cannot know if the tip is a simple tip/donation to another user or definitely a loan. Never do it on chat/in PMs, and don't just trust random people offering these services. Try using Forum for loans more, many Russian users have complained over this and they do not do it "by the book" so that we could actually help them. 

    Thanks for the warning of the user, I hope others red this post not to make the same mistake, but our hands are tied if the loan was not made in the Lending section directly. 

    Locking, sorry for your loss!  
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    Dboyeric reacted to Dan in Again about security   
    Thanks for raising your concern, I will look at getting improved account security setup for a future release.
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    Dboyeric reacted to UchihaRaj in Boomerang Or Fly-FIshing .. Beggars Technique   
    Ever heard of that story , the one in which a guy helps a fallen bird and the Bird returns to him in night and grants him gifts.  Same goes for some people here too.
    The Technique goes like this:
    Fallen Bird : Ohh , man I busted all of my balance last night. I am so poor right now. I am feeling sad.
    Technique user : Why  , bro ? Don't feel sad . Here have this 2k satoshis.
    TIP : Technique user tipped 0.00002000 BTC to Fallen Bird.
    Fallen Bird : Ohh I am so grateful to you, Technique user. Thanks for having me it.
    " Actually this Fallen bird is a maniac . He would go all in , and starts winning big ."
    "After some time ....."
    Fallen Bird : Ohh , I am so happy now , Technique user. Thanks for your that 2k tip . Here have 20k or rather 200k now.
    Technique User : Ohh , I am so happy for you Fallen Bird. Congrats on  your recovery.
    TIP : Fallen Bird tipped 0.00200000 BTC to the Technique User.
    Technique User : Ohh , Thank you very much , Fallen Bird .
    Fallen Bird : It was possible only because of you , Technique User.
    " And Now since the Fallen Bird has risen so much upto the sky , it's sure to fall down back to the Earth because of PD's House edge."
    "After some time....."
    Fallen Bird : OMG , I busted again all.
    "Technique User ( inside his cunning mind ) : LOL , fuck off with your poor luck . I have got my share.  Not gonna tip you anymore."
    Technique User : *looks for another new fallen bird*
    This technique sure has high returns for those who invest in it. It won't matter even if the fallen bird forgets you to tip back , 2k is not a big thing to lose , if you can get back 20k sats or rather , 200k sats.
    May be I should name this technique : The Fallen Bird Technique.
    "No offense to anyone"
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    Dboyeric reacted to davincuy in How many percent that they know about Bitcoin ?   
    Nah so you're the 1% of it..
    u can be a moderator in tunisia , go introduce btc and altcoins. u might be famous  
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    Dboyeric reacted to MrNice23 in How many percent that they know about Bitcoin ?   
    Where i live (Tunisia)  i'd say maybe it's like 15% - 25% who know about Bitcoin, but i think only 1% use it, as it's forbidden here and not allowed by central bank policy, yeah i live in heaven
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    Dboyeric reacted to dmbadillo10 in Who or What makes you stay loyal to PD   
    Its the interface and the support.
    The interface is very original. The support is always there. ✌🏽🤘🏽
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from pakar1 in How much RED Payout 100   
    At first run, expect between 50-60 red rolls before you hit, but as the roll prolongs be expecting 400-800 reds after the long run
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Carollzinha in DOGECOIN newcoin addition to PD   
    Lol, i wanted to click on captainlorca. Sorry
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    Dboyeric reacted to bigbrankx in Making a living from gambling   
    Ofc it's possible, if you have 3 bank accounts
    One for liviing, one for familiy, one for gambling
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    Dboyeric reacted to davincuy in How often you visit the site ?   
    Almost everyday i open PD site,
    8 - 9 Hours per day.. coz i'm not busted yet  
    ( i hope i'm not getting busted! lol ) #praying
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from neo_rock in What countries have restrictions about using cryptos in gambling sites?   
    Some countries do not allow casino online, so people use vpn to access those casino, let is use primedice as example, you will make use of VPN to be able to deposit on primedice if you're in the U.S and Australia.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from neo_rock in If bitcoin dropped what would happen   
    Bitcoin price determine the price of other crytocurrency. Which means if bitcoin drop in price, other coins will definitely drop as well
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from VladImpaler in Dark Prime Theme by VladImpaler   
    Nice them, but i doubt if you will receive any donations, PD will soon implement the night mode
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    Dboyeric reacted to kyxap in Highest bet that you lost in a single bet?   
    Yes, I don't play any more. 🤣
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    Dboyeric reacted to Bojana in Jackpot for different currencies   
    What Kris said, only in BTC