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    Dboyeric reacted to phpkiller in Death locks $140m cryptocurrency   
    this is so stupid first time hear it happend for a company.
    i know a friend who died in a car accident and he had like 8+ BTC when it was raising to 16k$ his family called me twice to if ik his acc pass or anything i can to help them recover the coins 
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in Time Machine needed   
    Are you sure? We have seen some individual on YouTube claiming to be from the future. One of them passed a lie detector test when he said something about the American president
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    Dboyeric reacted to williamsh in Crypto Future   
    Things take much longer to implement than you might think. In the late 90's people said in 15-20 years max we would have flying cars. And look how close we are - not even a bit close. So maybe it will take less time, but I personally don't so
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in Crypto Future   
    To buttress on your point, blockchain is the first of it's kind and other financial institutions are now moving into blockchain technology. I think it won't be up to 10 years before crypto currency would be acceptable generally
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Bimfo in What will you do when you win big?   
    Yes sure, I don't like withdrawing less than 0.010btc, since it doesn't hold much value. But in most cases i never withdraw. All i do is best, maybe because i was busy chasing my 0.6btc loses
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in If you create an Altcoin ?   
    I think we have electroneum doing perfectly okay in that aspect, you just have to think outside the box
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Bimfo in If you create an Altcoin ?   
    Imagine the whole Nigeria or at least %30 of each African countries adopting your coin. But how can individual create a coin? 
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    Dboyeric reacted to Carollzinha in Bankroll?   
    Since when I managed to recover a bit from my negative profit from -0.28 to -0.13 BTC I stopped gambling so I normally only leave something around 50k in my balance in order to do the weekly forum challenges  
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    Dboyeric reacted to Kate in Bankroll?   
    I don't have a bankroll but i play with whatever i could afford not a set . It isn't like a ritual like this much money should be set aside for this. For me it is just random. 
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    Dboyeric reacted to Bimfo in If you create an Altcoin ?   
    If I wanna get a name for my ICO, it will definitely relate to my country. Like 9jacoins or Africoins something related to Africans. It will be cool and I know it will boom!!
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    Dboyeric reacted to UltraChief in If you create an Altcoin ?   
    I hope you all know that many times people make coins just for fun and following a trend that has no future and is eventually going to crash. I consider that as something that is unethical and an attempt to fool people into investing in it. However most experienced people dont fall for these scams and one of probably signs of such scams is a big premine held by the developers - which is going to be dumped when the devs decide to abandon the project once and for all.
    In the past there has been projects like that and they continue to happen even today.
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    Dboyeric reacted to Bimfo in Crypto Future   
    Cryptos are the future. But Some of these ICOS are created because of scam. One of the reasons cryptos cant get popular in this side of the world. Everyone wants to scam someone. Crypoto is the future. Like the fucking future. Though in 100 years time, the world may have moved but it is adviceable to have cryptos now. 
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in If you create an Altcoin ?   
    If only i could create the ICO, I would name it Amazoncoin, trust me it would boom
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    Dboyeric reacted to Bimfo in Game of Thrones (GOT) New Episodes Updates. Avoid spoilers   
    Everyone tend to love the Stark Family. That's very cool. 
    Now who watched the the 1st episode? Mad ass, I really loved it. 
    The way they started was really okay. Jon meeting his presumed Family, and that was cool. But Bran's straight face ruins everything. Always straight face.
    Then its like Sansa is now getting smarted even if she has been dumb in the other 7 seasons and the Dragon queen sensed that she doesn't like her. 
    And now I feel for Jon Snow, the guy is fucking confused. Like I don't want any title and you keep sticking everything up my ass. Like? I am the king of the whole 7 Kingdoms. WTF? I like their romance. The dragon queen and Jon Snow have built quite a relationship. Who else saw when they climbed those dragons together? fucking romantic. Wish I and @Bojana can climb together. Looool. But it was cool.
    Then there is fucking Euron. He said he will fuck the queen and he did it. What did that teach us as gamblers? Speak it into existence and it will happen. I will win 10 BTC very soon. Loooool. Euron is the boss, and Cercei messed up. So what will she tell Euron if she eventually gives birth? You should know Jamie hasthe child Cercei is carrying.
    Then I hated the scene between Sam Tarly and Dragon queen? Tyrion warned her and now it has backfired. Who notice that Sam didn't care when he was told that his father has been killed? but he was down to tears when he was told his brother stood with his father. Shit!! He was angry in the Sam Tarly's way.
    Then what is wrong with Bran? Why did he say Jon is not his brother and he can't tell Jon whats up? He is still Jon's brother no matter what! He shouldn't behave like that. 
    And then the message night King left is meant actually meant for the Dragon queen. Go and check the boy that was pinned on the wall, it looked like the symbol of House Tygarean!
    Then the last scene between Bran and Jamie. That face is golden. Did Jamie think he will just enter winterfell like that without being noticed.? Who the fuck is he?? I like that he is a Noble man, but he has to answer for his crimes.
    Then everyone is not preparing for the night King yet. Everyone is settling old scores and falling in love.
    3 questions?
    Will Sir Bronn of blackwater kill Jamie and Tyrion if they survive the War?
    How will Dany (Dragon queen) accept the fact that Jon is the heir to the throne?
    And lastly will Gendry get married to Arya? I really want to know? Arya is flirting with Arya!
    We can't wait for Next episode   All Episodes!!!!
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    Dboyeric reacted to octoling in My Best Runs   
    interesting runs, i think that you was lucky during these runs because get faucet to 0.26 is impossible, same than 47 doges to doges to 75k,  the max amount that i got win with faucet was 0.01 btc, so i know that you are crazy for play  
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    Dboyeric reacted to MrNice23 in Have you ever been in this last-win situation?   
    Hahah yeah many times i recovered thanks to the last bet, one i had like 0.013 btc left i decided to put it allin 9x and it worked for me and that way i recovered all my losses.
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    Dboyeric reacted to MrNice23 in Discuss strategies   
    In my Opinion , high payouts is the way to make profit , the more you wagger the more you have chances to bust.
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    Dboyeric reacted to williamsh in Any doubt playing dice? (especially in here)   
    Yeah I know, I mean sometimes a seed can have 2 wins in a row right next to each other  I just prefer to do it, because in my head I figure the odds are better, but that is based on how I feel as well
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    Dboyeric reacted to UltraChief in Online faucets and profitability   
    Faucets were useful to collect some fair amount of coins when bitcoin was in three digit price range. Not anymore since the amount earned per claim gradually became small with the price rise and so became difficult the life of the faucet owners because of cheater and bots.
    Faucets are now a waste of time.
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    Dboyeric reacted to Kate in How did Bitcoin affect your life?   
    Well it made be a good trader and a gave me a good business to handle with no chargebacks done from paypal and umm easy way to recharge my bills or pay my bills.
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    Dboyeric reacted to jackkid in How did Bitcoin affect your life?   
    Bitcoin made me gain weight when the price of Bitcoin increased and also made me lose weight whenever the price of Bitcoin dropped: D
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    Dboyeric reacted to williamsh in Watching the High roller tab   
    I guess if I'm board, then I may watch the highroller tab. I mean, it does get interesting when people are betting large amounts of money, and then use martingale on top of that. It does provide for some entertainment
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    Dboyeric reacted to Kate in Goals!?   
    Once loses are made they are not to be chased since you'll only loose way more than when you would just try playing normally like you would do everyday. There is no word as recover its just neutralising your profit to 0 so no loss or no profit
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in Goals!?   
    My goal is to recover my 0.6btc but surprisely am losing more. 
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    Dboyeric reacted to Babagucci in ReCaptcha in login form   
    That's the worst when it keeps asking to solve more and more..lol it just gets so annoying especially when you not doing anything out of the ordinary.