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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    happy birthday to primedice, so have been on primedice for 4years now, time really waits for no one
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Chikou1306 in What if PrimeDice launched its own coin? PDC   
    I think primedice already has its own coin which is the forum credit.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from nolep in Play while using animations or not?   
    Well i usually put off the animation of primedice, because the animation makes the whole roll look as if its shifting to red very often.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Ghostnipple in 2k Sats to 1.5btc // 5hr Grind   
    So it was really 15btc? I thought it was 5btc
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    Dboyeric reacted to jamyr in Are you overwhelmed by VIP players?   
    Intimidation is a personal thing.

    If you are able to be real for yourself, then you shouldn't get intimidated even by those plat users. Although for sure they are more important for wager, rules apply to everyone regardless if you are a VIP or not. Im not very sure though,
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    Dboyeric reacted to policewale in Are you overwhelmed by VIP players?   
    Hello mates!
    When they updated primedice and started adding stars to VIP players so that they can easily be acknowledge, I started to become more conscious in chat. Sometimes I feel like VIPs are dominant.  I feel like I'm at ease when I'm talking to no-star user.
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    Dboyeric reacted to Jelanstream in VIP time   
    On stake before I do a crazy bet like 2 eth bet on 1.01x that's why I'm a Platinum VIP on stake. Becoming a VIP there's a lot of benefits and opportunity
    that you will gained. But I lose to much on that time and I realize better I play for profit but it's worth it now.
    Now I want to become at least Bronze VIP here on Primedice so I can participate the forum VIP challenge. 
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    Dboyeric reacted to DarkBlood096 in VIP Perks worth of big loss?   
    Well, vip perks are really for those who wager serious money. Gold VIP is where you start actually getting benefits. $100 and daily reload for life, I do think that's worth the grinding to get it. It does cost a lost to get to gold, but I also think it's not just about capital, I think it's because it looks good. Players normally like the colours and effects you get from wagering too. Many aspects that PD and stake take into account to make us wager more. It's enjoyable that they do keep getting better at what they do. 
    Not so sure platinum is worth getting but I know for a fact that gold is where you start getting decent features.
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    Dboyeric reacted to policewale in I won XRP worth a month of my paycheck   
    This is the story when I won XRP worth a month of my paycheck.
    It was a cold night but I feel so light and good. So, I deposit 20 xrp and told myself I will just play to entertain myself.
    Time passes by I realized that my 20 XRP for entertainment turns to be 100 XRP. Cool! I withdraw half of it and played again.

    "Alright dice time for some revenge". My 50 XRP became 200 then 500 to 1000 to 1300. Of course, I am self-proclaimed coward so I withdraw everything.

    The experience was a mixture of fear and excitement. My hands are trembling on  each roll. I even heard my own heart beating. Every bet is scary and I am sweating.

    I know 1300 XRP is not that big but hell yeah it changed my game style. It changed my way of thinking. I became hungry. I feel like I will never be contented on small profit.
    Before I was too cautious. Small profit satisfies my hunger. Even if that win was big (when exchanged to our country), I regret that day.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Better self-mute after getting busted!   
    Lol you could easily ask the mods to mute you for some hours just to cool down, self mute isn't the way out of frustration
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    Dboyeric reacted to CaptainLorca in What if there's No Chat in Primedice?   
    Chatting is super important for gambling. It won’t be removed. This form of entertaining keeps a lot of players here.
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    Dboyeric reacted to williamsh in Running Primedice on several tab chrome to hunt Race   
    No I do not race with multiple tabs. I would just increase my base bet on one tab and play accordingly. It isn't really worth having multiple tabs. The house edge doesn't change.
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Chikou1306 in How was your 2019 journey in primedice ?   
    Year 2019 has been a wonderful year, i am able to break even of my stat on some dice casino, and i hope to break even on primedice in 2019 or 2020, whichever that comes first
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    Dboyeric reacted to bitboy26 in My 6x gambling technique   
    i read and try to understand it carefully but it turns out that i still cant understand what your tryin to say here   . its confusing  imho
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    Dboyeric reacted to Sokah in What do you think about A.I and the future of online gambling?   
    You both are correct. Taking for example the Chess Players algorithms, they become more skilled after each round, just collecting the opponent movements, despite the facts that after each movement the odds for a new one just keep increasing creating a chaos on the board. Data makes perfection, and per se, fairness.

    Having an AI capable of keep up with an old algorithm would take a lot of time to make, but it is no impossible.
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    Dboyeric reacted to energi1 in Christmas on PD.. . .   
    At the end of the year we hear the word "bonus" a small surprise has come, which is a bonus double the payment of every post on the forum, I hope that at Christmas,  Santa will bring big bonus at Primedice to us
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Chikou1306 in if you knew the 9900x is coming in the next 10 rolls, you go all in ?   
    Well since i don't know the particulars roll that would bring out the 9900x, i would rather cash out on the 10%. You will be surprised it will drop, right after you all in your balance. So half bread is better than none they say
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Chikou1306 in What do you think about A.I and the future of online gambling?   
    You're correct the longer the existence the AI is, the clever it becomes. No way to beat these AI machines. If you beat an AI machine today, trust me the next day will be a recony day
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    Dboyeric reacted to Sokah in Max bet button   
    In old versions of PD it was a default feature. I can't count how many times I misclicked that button, I'm glad that they now allow us to keep it disable. Nevertheless, sometimes I still press space while splitting amounts. Muscular memory sucks sometimes 💀
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    Dboyeric reacted to Chikou1306 in 🥇 Welcome to VIP Exclusive Promotions! 🥇   
    it would be amazing, this will support the non VIP's to wager more and get thei VIP to be able to join the challenges. thank you primedice team  
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from Cat4Life in Would you like if PD added lottery?   
    A lottery from primedice would be nice. Am sure some of the players here can attest to it
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from MrNice23 in First Impression?   
    My first impression was  no way am going to trust any of these casino with my coin. But primedice proved ne wrong
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you use the MAX BET on your game?   
    Max bet option has been removed but i still ends up bring it back whenever am rolling on Primedice because am addicted to all in after 3-4 constant red rolls
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from JohnTravel in What do you do when You lose a lot?   
    Whenever i lose, i just on a go rage and ended up losing more. Am just a degens
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    Dboyeric got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you usually make the withdraw when you have the chance?   
    Most of us made it to the minimum withdrawal amount but lost it when ever we try to win a little more to cover the withdrawal fees. An act that need to be put into check