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  1. Jonathan, welcome to pd forum
  2. The situation in North Korea is the trailer of ww3...
  3. Hi paul.. you're welcome to this wonderful community
  4. Bitcoin will still rise. But so many people missed the golden opportunity already when bitcoin was less than $1 for 1 bitcoin
  5. Starbruck, Welcome to our wonderful community
  6. Hi catosa, welcome to the pd forum
  7. We have a lots of smartphones out there, but these 2 phones top the list. If you're to pick out of these 2 phones,which one would you pick? I will go for Samsung Galaxy 7 edge
  8. 1. Primedice 2. Just-Dice 3. Rollin 4.freebitco.in
  9. The easiest way to win on any gambling site is to have a big bank role and dont max bet. you will be making money everyday if you can get those two
  10. Brilliant idea...a movie section should be added
  11. yea Naruto, i hate the fact that the writer killed Naruto in the Boruto manga..
  12. The first anime is samurai X (Kenshi) i love these two epic fights between kenshi vs lord shishio, and kenshi vs sagiro
  13. You can use your bitcoin to buy alt coins, yoy keep the alt coins for the price to appreciate then exchange it back..visit poloniex.com for more
  14. My best male actor is Sylvester stallion..i love the rocky Balboa collection, and female goes to Angelina Jolie ( tomb raider)
  15. Thanks for sharing this with us here, any idea when thor Ragnarok will be release?
  16. I will go for Android phone, and the reason is because it has as more apps, good battery duration and the mega pixel of an Android phone out shine an iphone..lets us have your point of view why you choose Android or iPhone
  17. Am using infinix zero 4. Infinix Zero 4 comes with a price tag of N90,000
  18. Have been trying to find a strategy that works with Low or high payout,but i alway lose at the end
  19. Dboyeric


    You should try MONOPOLY ,i kinda love to play it alot,i never get bored of it.
  20. I wouldn't recommend 1.5x to my enemies..2x or 1.2x is what i use
  21. If you can profit $10 daily, calculate it 30 days you will be making $300 monthly,in 3 month you're going to be making close to 1btc which is not so bad. But greed is very difficult to control