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  1. good luck mate, anything can happen on primedice good luck winning 0.001 per day..it is %100 possible
  2. Being addicted to gambling is not really a good/bad idea... because if you win big you wont call it a bad thing..
  3. i really cant wait for this movie to be released..i wish we are in November already
  4. To tell you the truth, I admire his courage .. that courage is gonna destroy the whole world!
  5. The only time i had sex outside my room was during a friend's party... We couldn't get a room,so we went into a tight corner and hit it
  6. The scariest of all is kim Jong, dude trying to challenge the whole countries
  7. Price of bitcoin will reach $2000 before December....
  8. Lucky 7 Lucky 5 Roulette Hi/Lo My favorite is lucky 7
  9. maybe we'll deposit directly from blockchain.
  10. for making u laugh, i think i deserve a thank you..its free just click the thank u
  11. My Answer is simple to this Question.. Keep your Money
  12. Max bet is always risky, especially with high payouts
  13. I think stunna gone dark, off the grid
  14. Pretty soon Jesus will be back. All Christians believe in his coming back
  15. think having more than 1 cryptocurrency payment system option on primedice would be an advantage to primedice. It will bring new players to bet on primedice. That's what i think, i terms of argument it will be difficult because some players will want to deposit with etherum but will want to withdraw using bitcoin options, to make it works primedice will have to implement an option whereby you can only withdraw the type of cryptocurrency you depo with, what am trying to point out is if you deposit etherium you can only withdraw etherium not bitcoin!
  16. apple is top phone in terms of expensiveness, what's the different between iphone 6,6i and 7? Nothing just the price!
  17. hui is the quiet type...zoltan is more active here
  18. Hello para, welcome on board..please enjoy the ride
  19. I prefer Samsung , iPhone is a shitty phone it has nothing to offer.they keep selling same product every year only the model changes..android is still the best OS out there
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    Hi biancayo nice to meet you here, have a wonderful time here on the forum
  21. Welcome to our community jajag , have a wonderful time surfing the forum
  22. Welcome to pd forum, there are tones of thread to check, take your time to view it..have a wonderful time ahead man
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    Hi alemji you're welcome to pd forum..have fun p