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  1. If you dont like the way giveaways are being run on the forum, you're free to logout or make your own giveaway.
  2. Can we have the website please Solicitor[/member]
  3. Its very obvious that most of members that participated in the 2 streams are alts,Names that won giveaway on twitch are strange names,how would you win a giveaway and wont be able to provide a username on time ?
  4. Thank you so much for happy hour, but you didn't give happy hour after we finished celebrating PD birthday,i guess you forgot but it's cool. looking forward to pd5
  5. I won't encourage you to try Recovery your lost money with faucets because it's very difficult, you could depo some money and start your recovery strategy on a daily basis.
  6. He was warned yesterday he wouldn't listen
  7. I got addicted to bitcoin ever since i know its features
  8. Here Name of vocalist is (Karen Anne) Carpenter title of song is (uperstar) and year is (1969)
  9. Name of vocalist is (Karen Anne) Carpenter title of song is (uperstar) and year is (1969)
  10. THE CARPENTERS and title of music is ( superstar)
  11. Cigarette stated that smokers are liable to die young, but we human beings will never listen
  12. Give us an idea on how giveaway Should be run, if you want primedice to stop doing giveaway based on points..please tell us
  13. The best way to gamle is playing manually,That strategy can give someone a seizures
  14. Mods that are going to be active online 24/7 should be added to the workforce to trim down on spammers
  15. i thought i was alone on that issue..PD is quite fair
  16. Dboyeric

    Post limit

    posting is limited, and your experience was not well calculated because all posts get credited instantly
  17. I only depo twice on bitsler and made no single profits, maybe i didn't understand it very well
  18. I tell them bitcoin is safe,instant,secure and its a low transaction fee to send money to there love ones. that is how i was able to convince my friends
  19. Nice luck man, i also took 0.02btc that i won from edward stream to 0.1btc today. I played for 5 hours bumpy journey thiugh.. but it was worth it