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  1. if that is the case, yes it can affect the price in a negative way
  2. Well the next coin to Bitcoin should be etherum
  3. I will pick coffee ove chocolate
  4. It has gone up to $1700 this morning
  5. Bitcoin price will never drop
  6. You're in trouble the very moment 90% starts giving you greens for 8 times in roll, that's when you should know you're being baited..cause busting is just by the corner
  7. The only option of getting more bitcoin is by Gambling
  8. emotions ( enough of the last letters for today)
  9. Dboyeric


    Welcome back edward, i hope you've been able to fixed the coins issue and good that you've gotten better.,wish you full recovery
  10. Have never experienced such a delayed before..your withdrawal will push through just relax. But if it doesn't the coins will be reversed back to where the withdrawal was made..that is what makes Bitcoin so special
  11. buying of credits has been cancelled by micro. https://forum.primedice.com/index.php?topic=18022.msg41743;topicseen#msg41743
  12. just wager 100btc and you will have vip
  13. We have lot of people that can convert credits to btc on the forum, just that milan is a trustworthy guy and his service is instant