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  1. Here Name of vocalist is (Karen Anne) Carpenter title of song is (uperstar) and year is (1969)
  2. Name of vocalist is (Karen Anne) Carpenter title of song is (uperstar) and year is (1969)
  3. THE CARPENTERS and title of music is ( superstar)
  4. Cigarette stated that smokers are liable to die young, but we human beings will never listen
  5. Give us an idea on how giveaway Should be run, if you want primedice to stop doing giveaway based on points..please tell us
  6. The best way to gamle is playing manually,That strategy can give someone a seizures
  7. Mods that are going to be active online 24/7 should be added to the workforce to trim down on spammers
  8. i thought i was alone on that issue..PD is quite fair
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    posting is limited, and your experience was not well calculated because all posts get credited instantly
  10. I only depo twice on bitsler and made no single profits, maybe i didn't understand it very well
  11. I tell them bitcoin is safe,instant,secure and its a low transaction fee to send money to there love ones. that is how i was able to convince my friends
  12. Nice luck man, i also took 0.02btc that i won from edward stream to 0.1btc today. I played for 5 hours bumpy journey thiugh.. but it was worth it
  13. Happy hour always start after Edward finishes streaming..
  14. Hackers always cover there tracks...but i heard Bitcoin is trackable
  15. Dboyeric


    Hello cherieanne, you're welcome to our wonderful community.please have a wonderful day on here
  16. Fried food is always delicious but also very dangerous because high cholesterol is not good for the body, i will suggest you use Olive oil to fry something because its cholesterol free
  17. I think before the wannacry hacking, bitcoin wasn't known in some part of this world, but after the wannacry hacking on several computers in so many countries .wannacry just marketed Bitcoin to 150 countries. I see Bitcoin price raising in the next coming days..
  18. wannacry hacking will not affect bitcoin, because bitcoin price is still strong since the hackers demanded payment via bitcoin
  19. First thing A man cares about is his family..
  20. I will suggest you increase your transaction fees to the like of 100k, that is my transaction fee and it gets my deposit in 3-4 blocks depending on how saturated blockchain is at that very moment..but i will still recommend a 0.001btc transaction fee if you want to get your deposit quickly
  21. Edward, for the first time am gonna pass on this... My picture is gonna leak,which is not something am willing or ready for!