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  1. Just roll 2x martingale and count on your luck
  2. Congratulations on the hit brother, it would have been epic if you had hit it with your initial wager amount. More luck next time brother
  3. I roll on several casino, but am privilege to have primedice topping my playlist. It's always fun to roll on primedice.
  4. It's been a good decision for me so far, because I was able to make some friends from another country
  5. You really have a point, announcement from Nano alone would boost the price of those coins.
  6. Gambling is pure luck, no genius attached to gambling. You may get away with what someone else couldn't get away with.
  7. This will consume electricity in some countries. But it is a nice development
  8. At first run, expect between 50-60 red rolls before you hit, but as the roll prolongs be expecting 400-800 reds after the long run
  9. You guys should look at Bitcoin history especially last year graph, Bitcoin price is similar to last your price, price will soon go up start buying Bitcoin or alt coin
  10. That will be great, reminder kindly add the ignore option along with the update
  11. Lol, i wanted to click on captainlorca. Sorry
  12. There was a time that i usually spend 16hours on PD. But gone are those days. I come to roll and leave when am done rolling
  13. Well people won't say the truth, most of these people saying PD only are only deceiving themselves, most of them roll elsewhere with altcoin under another alias username, trust me if you're holding alt coin,you're definitely rolling somewhere
  14. Most of primedice ugrades are okay, from pd3 to the current one, the only issue i have with the current one is night mode. Not everyone could withstand the brightness
  15. Why would i troll? I wasn't trolling, XIII could have Photoshop it @Carollzinha Why would i troll? Someone Photoshop it @CaptainLorca
  16. XRP will never reach $25 if bitcoin price still remains $7000. The last time XRP reaches $4-$5 was when bitcoin reaches $15000 last year, increments in bitcoin price determine the price of altcoins out there.
  17. Alt coins are changing in price due to the fluctuations in the price of bitcoin, if ethereum price dropped, it us because price of bitcoin dropped and if it increase in price, it is because price of bitcoin is up, not much activities is going on in the alt coin market. Alt coin market is dormant atm
  18. I can't really wait to start using the ignore option
  19. Perhaps a Photoshop. Never underestimate the power of Photoshop if the right user makes use of it
  20. Only thing that can affect your roll is the server seed, find way to change it and you will be green all day rolls
  21. Changing of seed has no effect on your roll, but i change it for changing sake, just to satisfy my curiosity
  22. Negan and mrvinsenzo.. These two guys won more then 200btc each
  23. I don't really believe in verifying bet, most of us complain when we lose, but am yet to see someone complain of winning. Would you verify a winning bet? Since you can get 5 consecutive green,you can as well get 5 consecutive red.
  24. The current price of bitcoin is not different from last year price, the wise can start buying before october because that is when the price skyrocket up to December