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  1. i only roll on 2 casino now and primedice is among them.
  2. hi, i am so glad you dropped those link, any idea when typerium presale will commence? i checked the site, but the days and token details was displaying 0.0000
  3. its obvious you guys missed it, PD team could have added both Ethereum and Litecoin on both stake and primedice together, but splits the coins between the two casino, next coin to be added on PD will be bitcoin cash and monero on stake.. doges on PD is not going to happen trust me
  4. i still dont know why none of you guys dont like blockchain.info, has there been.any accusations againts them?
  5. there has been so many unknown cancelled order, but the one that got the attention of the Justice Department is that of $1M btc order. i really dont know why people are doing this,the fall and rise of bitcoin is totally up to us all.
  6. thanks for the info, am going to use your link to sign up now
  7. That's definitely a fake Bork, The Bork that i know wouldn't do such a thing
  8. i think both bitcoin and gambling are not related, only thing i see there is being addicted or winning/losing which is in common, its either you're addicted to gambling or addicted to bitcoin, which is getting involved in bitcoin. but in gambling chances of losing and winning is slim, same things applies to bitcoin. its either you adopt it earlier to win or lose, those in winnings are those that adopted it earlier, while the losers are those that didn't.
  9. I'll recommend ( the originals, the vampire diaries)
  10. but way is to set a rolling time frame, maybe start betting 2pm to 4pm a day. it helps some rollers in the past.
  11. i was in chat today, someone said, where is the rainbot, that he's got a sun burn. so irony! rainbot would cause so many things
  12. blockchain.info looks secure to me, so many people stores their coins there for a long period of time.
  13. milan, i did just that, but the EOPT has not been sent to the ETH address yet, but the telegram bot did gave 1000 EOPT
  14. Trust me most banks and billionaire are secretly into bitcoin.
  15. from my own understanding, a token is new crypto being introduced into the system, while a coin is the maturity of a token, bitcoin was once a token, and in terms of profitable i think a token is profitable if it survive the early stages.
  16. what else do i need to do after inserting my eth wallet? is it important to join telegram? because most group is filled up
  17. you're welcome to Primedice, we have room for Spanish,Russian, English, Philippines. you can make use of any of those chatroom that have listed up there. i hope to meet you in English chat soon
  18. the best multiplier is 9900x, but players are too afraid to use it, imagine you bet 0.001btc on 9900x? lets just do the maths guy.
  19. i understand your situation, because have been in that kind of situation several times, just change your strategy, perhaps maybe the system has synchronized with the way you roll. change strategy and maybe you will go beyond 100k
  20. dont you think you're making fun of players? i think you're taking it too far