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  1. I think both is important,but luck is all that we need the most to hit our green.
  2. Those of you guys glamouring for script, i hope you're aware that some script comes with auto withdrawal to the Creator's wallet?
  3. I wonder what you want to achieve with 150 Satoshi rain. Anyway a small fraction is enough to test the site. I hope they bring back the rain
  4. Bitcoin price will manage to survive at $6000 before end of may
  5. I have nothing much to say, just had to appreciate a nice work when you see one,Nice art work you got buddy.
  6. I think a roll of 77.77 with 7 as the last digit on bet ID with minimum bet base of 500 satoshi would be nice. But after all has been said, it all comes down to the management to make a decision
  7. The best strategy of never losing is to never gamble in the first place, but incase an individual does gamble, then it will all come down to pure luck!
  8. My years of surfing the internet, have never really come across any bitcoin work, except you get a mod job. Could you share us more insight on online Bitcoin work?
  9. since the Genesis of Jackpot on Primedice, no one as ever won the jackpot, not even with the minimum bet base, maybe they should scrap the jackpot before the reward get out of hands
  10. Honestly i was expecting Jon to be the one to kill the night king, but it was just too easy for Arya. So is Sassy going to survive the looming war?
  11. The fastest well known well is by gambling, but it's either you profit or the other way around, most people always profit at first, but ends up busting when greed set in. No good run last forever.
  12. Most coins rely on the price of Bitcoin to rise, only the exception of the tether coin, which reflexes the rate of $1. Every other coins is benchmark with Bitcoin price.
  13. The killing of the night King was too easy. I personally don't like how the plot.
  14. The only way gambling could ruins live, is if you don't have a real income, gambling is a quick income to profit or quick to lose scheme.
  15. Most of us always think about our loses and its one of the reasons we are yet to break even, for me i tried to break even from 0.6btc 2years ago, but i ended up losing more, and so many old players who lose tons of Bitcoin back then when bitcoin was less than $1000 are doing everything possible to win, because a break even for then is a big profit. But ended up losing more. Irony of life.
  16. Laptop is more convenient, but since am always on the road, i prefer playing on mobile.
  17. What's stopping you from exchanging the coin into real money and just walk away, instead of using stablecoin? And you said it all they charge high fees to move it area. I would rather exchange to real money
  18. I believe tge technology is out there already, just not shared with the public yet. If you have your money, your flying car will be built for sure. For instance look at all these super cars attaining the speed of 100km/h in 2-3 seconds..and again such cars are not for everyone.
  19. Are you sure? We have seen some individual on YouTube claiming to be from the future. One of them passed a lie detector test when he said something about the American president
  20. To buttress on your point, blockchain is the first of it's kind and other financial institutions are now moving into blockchain technology. I think it won't be up to 10 years before crypto currency would be acceptable generally
  21. And where can one stake it? Is it stake.com, the sister site of primedice
  22. I think we have electroneum doing perfectly okay in that aspect, you just have to think outside the box
  23. First let me congratulate you on recovering 50% of your negative status, something most of us find it difficult to do. You can still set a daily target to recover the other 50% lose. But what important is to know how to control gambling urges
  24. Players need more than just luck, big bankroll is also an important factor
  25. Imagine the whole Nigeria or at least %30 of each African countries adopting your coin. But how can individual create a coin?