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  1. Wow primedice now have 2fa on tipping? That is a great development
  2. This strategy might work you know? Since the easy way out isn't working. Maybe we should try the harder way. 2x all the way
  3. I thought account is secure once we set 2fa?
  4. We have some players here that are into gambling full time, while some are in it for part time basis, everyone with what works for them.
  5. Bitcoin price is repeating the same thing it did last year, now is the time to buy not to miss the train
  6. I do both the long and short time run, it all depends on my balance
  7. That's true,probably because lots of holders are playing safe by dumping alternative coins for bitcoin
  8. Yes most of us started with the cards, I played the spade card and whot also
  9. I once used martingale on dice game on 1xbet and it worked fine. My advice for you is to know when to stop. No strategy works forever. Goodluck
  10. I once experienced one but I believed it was a general glitch. The glitch is when you have a certain balance and if you want to YOLO the system will tell you not a enough balance to do this because the server usually add 1 satoshi to your initial balance without you noticing it
  11. I was told to search for bitcoin and I then searched for casino that accept bitcoin, that was how I came across magicaldice and boom gambling with bitcoin started
  12. Never pursue a lose if you don't have a big balance, because the more you try with small balance the more red you're likely to get. Best is to accept the lose and plan for another day by setting target on daily winning until your archive your target it works for me on another site and I recovered almost my loses in a month
  13. If primedice shutdown I will probably give stake a try. I have an account there already just incase
  14. you can visit both primedice and forum on your phone with the help of multitasking browser. Good thing about primedice is that it is mobile friendly. Don't limit yourself to the forum only.
  15. Good to know you guys are perfecting your tip baiting strategy
  16. I first roll on magicaldice, then I heard about Rollin, then primedice comes into the picture.
  17. Some seed favour you if you're hunting for big payouts such as 9900x but it all comes down to luck
  18. I listened to music when rolling on primedice. It makes my mind be at ease.food is just another thing
  19. That only occurs when you play low payout. Trust me big payout is the best strategy ever
  20. Most times I feel sad and smash my phone on my bed. Of course not on the floor
  21. People actually make a living gambling, while some people just gamble for fun sake, which group do you belong to?
  22. Pd is the first cryptocurrency casino and the richest of them all
  23. You wouldn't want to change your seed, If you're the time that for big payout. Maintain your seed until you hit your payout simply because it will still come. Never mind the delay,always say to yourself that the next roll will be green. It works for me