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  1. most players always says rains hate them, i kind of love Sun more than rain. because you wont bothered about having your clothes soaked
  2. that's a great strategy there mateuz
  3. which wallet is that and is it free or paid for?
  4. government involvement in cryptocurrency will make it more expensive and hard to get. congratulations to those holding large quantity of bitcoin
  5. lets just keep holding them i bought 50k of ETN, am just hopibg it shoot to $1 per coin before 2020
  6. ending of 2017 was an hectic year, i remembered a withdrawal will last 2 days to confirm, but glad those days are over at least for now.
  7. easier said than done, some of us can't even make 0.01ltc out of 0.009 ltc.. best option is to catch out and start a new life away from gambling
  8. its probably PD 1. quite old. i joined in pd2 after Hufflepuff era
  9. if everyone plays like this, there wont be much bust, i personally love this strategy of yours and i will abide by it, i always want to recover all my 0.6btc lose at ones, but i always end up losing my daily profit and deposit. reading this now, am going to set a daily target
  10. the article is very long, i had to scan through it, am sure i missed some info, am just going to check the website out to see if there is anything there for me
  11. yes you're right, i store my bitcoin on blockchain and i haven't gotten any problem since.
  12. if you go into a casino with the hope of winning, but lose in the process, go withdraw from atm, but in this process you could just do the transaction online, buy the coins online, deposit online and go for the recovery.
  13. well i dislike those people that see themselves as a superior figures..begging is not allowed anywhere
  14. never let anyone pull your winning spirit down, if you believe you can win back your lose money, go for it okay, even after losing big bet, there is always a recovery chance. goodluck buddy
  15. its always safe to firstly preroll before you bet big.
  16. i played 88% most of my time on PD and have learnt my fair share of the lesson, never aim for quick green on dicing casino, because you will end up losing more than you bargain for! i busted 0.004btc today hunting %88
  17. ultra, i have no grudge against you, that is how some students fail exam,it actually means pay per post. not equal to ?? lets move on from this ultra.
  18. am getting those coins with your referral link.
  19. after i posted that,am pretty sure you still continued posting rain miser comment here, and you suddenly have a stomach disorder the moment i posted mine?? i dont want to banter with you nor be rude, but if you continue coming at me, you and i will both get a warning point! donate your forum credit to rainbot if you're not here for the credit. It's PPP if you need a reminder
  20. i didn't know you're the only one with the right to post this, i guess its your own personal corner, so many drama this days..
  21. no i haven't, could you send the link to me?
  22. thanks Buddy, i will check it out
  23. gambling is purely luck and a bitcoin strategy, Mrvinzenso only roll with martingale and he was able to win more than 600btc on primedice, while others bust with the same martingale. that is pure luck.