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  1. I only know of only 3 exchanges, binance,kucoin and bittrex. But i only trade on binance because its reliable
  2. The best strategy is to not go after a loss, just play for fun. Going after loss is the mistake most of us made, am guilty of that though.
  3. I think the name reveals it all, how would you feel if you name a company dice, but you're offering blackjack instead? Its one of the main reasons they created stake which offered all variety of games and i heard more games are on the way..
  4. Bitcoin must be stable before world government will accept it, because some whale holders will still go ahead to manipulate the price at will. But i think Russia want to go into crypto
  5. We are having almost new virus everyday all because of crypto currency theft. I hope antivirus companies are able to keep with all these attacks from hackers
  6. Bubble predictors are probably trying to get hodl of some bitcoins for themselves right now
  7. I lose nothing if Bitcoin drop down to less than $1, it will only become a huge opportunity for me to buy crypto if it does drop
  8. Many of us are on other casinos, but we still comes back to primedice because it's one of the original casinos out there. And what makes orimedice great is the nice community.
  9. I think it is only possible to open primedice on different tab, but you wont be able to auto roll on those tab simultaneously. One has to stop rolling for the current tab to roll
  10. Since most of us are aware of the possibility of winning certain bet with low bet base, why can't we just stick to the low bet base to accumulate the profit?
  11. Not a bad idea to store coin on primedice vault, the vault is very safe so far your email is not compromise, because primedice have an email verification process in place should your account get hack. I think its a nice initiative coming from primedice.
  12. You're right, most of all the female usernames are fake. Except the once from the Philippines few of them are real, the real 1% female on primedice are the female supports.
  13. Luck is very essential in everything we do, imagine someone playing martingale of 2x and hitting green after 2-3 red, but if you try it, that's when you will be getting 8-9 red in a roll. That is to say we need luck in everything we do.
  14. Complex and multiple password is still prone to risk, but way to store coin is to use a ledger wallet and 2FA
  15. Well i have never tried cracking any bitcoin puzzle before,beside its always easy if a of group of people work together to crack the puzzle and i believe the reward for cracking a puzzle is real, if not we would have heard otherwise on bitcoin forums
  16. Yes it is good to hold on to the king of all coin which is bitcoin, but on the bright side, some Alt coins are also making big waves such as litecoin. Am currently banking on LTC and hoping it will grow up to $300 this year
  17. I don't know if they truly exist, but their is a conspiracy theory about area 51
  18. Yes have been in a pump situation before the coins are matic,celr,one coin, funniest part is they all dumped immediately after i booked my order.
  19. I know, and sometimes we might get lucky and hit it. So gambling is just pure luck
  20. No proof of aliens existence. No way bitcoin could have been created by aliens.
  21. Yes it has happened to me before, Most of us made that mistake of not changing increase percentage on loses, especially when we are losing.
  22. Due to the speed limit on primedice auto roll, hunting without dicebot is very difficult, especially if you're hunting for big payout, and lastly i think its best if primedice introduce the hit and stop command on the autobot
  23. The more red you get on high payout, the higher your chances of hitting it back to back.
  24. My first impression was no way am going to trust any of these casino with my coin. But primedice proved ne wrong
  25. I think the owner of the house want us to win, because he's always there by giving us constant rains.