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  1. 1 hour ago, sheenaz.bay said:

    Hi all...
    I hope you have good luck today and not experience bad luck like me.

    It can be said that today is a beautiful start for me, I made my balance from 30k satoshi to 300k satoshi more.
    I do it using payout 2.20x with 100% on loss.
    when my balance reaches 300k satoshi more, I change my payout 2.20x to 9900x.
    of course I have explained how I play using Payout 9900x in my previous thread.
    yes, I played flat, but it wasn't, I forgot to reset my 100% on loss, when I still used payout 2.20x.
    so you can say, I lost 300k satoshi more, playing using payout 99000x with 100% on loss.
    I just realized it when the roll stopped by itself.
    that's my stupidity.
    so, have you ever forgotten to change / reset your on loss percentage? or have you ever forgotten to lower your bet?

    tell me your experience, thank you ....

    Yes it has happened to me before, Most of us made that mistake of not changing increase percentage on loses, especially when we are losing. 

  2. 10 hours ago, Bimfo said:

    Lol. People always blame Eddie the owner of the house. We don't have anything against  any admin. We have something against the owner of the house and there is a big difference in that.🤣

    I think the owner of the house want us to win, because he's always there by giving us constant rains.

  3. 14 hours ago, DreamStage said:

    That will just be impossible :) Because not everyone will be selling their Bitcoins immediatly and because the market will be on steady holding just like GOLD is.

    Eventually someone will come up with a newer plan of increasing the max possible allowed bitcoins to exist to update the algorithm from it's root. Just like IPv4 vs IPv6

    You're correct, they will always be an upgrade.

  4. On 02/06/2019 at 10:41, Noeprellik1 said:

    Nobody has win the jackpot. As far as I know, zoltan has rolled 77.77 two in a row but with a zero basebet 😢

    Well no sane player would be willing to roll 0.01btc continuously and hoping to hit 77.77 twice in a row, i heard it has been rolled only twice since thr creation of primedice. 

  5. Yes we all want to be a winner, we all ends up winning after 1st and 2nd try, but where we are having problem is not knowing when to withdraw, even if we withdraw the winning, we'll still redeposit both the winning and initial capital, then we end up losing all. I wish i know how to control this redepositing feelings

  6. 4 hours ago, sheenaz.bay said:

    as long as the capital is still there, I think it still allows you to catch up with your defeat, because you deposit 1 ltc and only lose 0.2 ltc, so it's still very possible to catch up with that defeat as long as you play in a calm state

    Let me break it down, I deposited 1ltc, i won 0.7 ltc, making the total of 1.700ltc, then lost 0.2ltc, so i was left with 1.5ltc, and i decided to not chase the lost profit, since am still in profit. It is good to know when to chase a lose.

  7. On 23/05/2019 at 07:45, sheenaz.bay said:

    cool, I like your strategy to reach the target. I personally can't be like you because I'm too greedy

    Its not really easy, its best to take your profit or lose in a positive way,for instance i deposited 1ltc yesterday, after 48hours of careful rolling, was up to 0.7ltc and boom i lost 0.2ltc in an instant. I dont even know if i should chase the 0.2ltc 

  8. On 25/05/2019 at 18:04, axee said:

    thank you I guess I need to do some rituals to win lol

    Lol, no ritual works for gambling, its just pure luck


    On 25/05/2019 at 17:56, axee said:

    Whats the best way to run up 0.2 eth to 10eth? Martingale system or just bet 50 50 rolls and hope for luck. Ive been doing martingale but its only working for short period of gambling because 10 losing streaks can quickly happen

    Whatever methods you finally decided on, make sure martingale is not included, because it would suck up your balance 

  9. On 18/05/2019 at 13:40, Mistake499 said:

    i dont belive in edge xD if i have a bad seeds thats will be bad 


    Seed doesn't cut it, no way you can escape or avoid house edge. If not for  thr house edge  most of the casinos would have gone bankrupt

  10. Nice 

    10 minutes ago, JohnTravel said:

    Well .., let's talk about games, casino and data.

    So at the beginning this was very difficult for me here, I did not know how to play, and whenever I came close to 1ETH, or 1BCH I would lose, and in other currencies of course.

    I discovered then that I was playing wrong, without calm, without analyzing the results, I had no strategy. So my patience was not good and I was far from really having control over the game, even if I lost, because losing is part of it.

    The first thing I did to control my patience was actually changing my type of game, and it made me quieter and more in control of the situation.

    Today I do not bet more everything in a single bet, and I do not go with speed, because I have noticed that the vast majority lose everything quickly.

    I believe a possible solution to patience is to really analyze the results and take it easy. It is in great difficulties that one discovers whether one is good or not.


    Nice write-up, i actually learned from this. Patience is one things i don't have in gambling. I hope the situation turns around for me very soon.