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  1. Have roll 99.99 and 0.00 on PD several times, most time on my first roll attempt, but the annoying part is i was never hunting for any big payout.
  2. You need to play low payout If you're not an high roller. That is the best strategy to race on stake or PD
  3. But the supply is more than enough for now, we'll discuss the process of demand when they're nobitcoin left to mine or go around.
  4. So far my experience on primedice has been great, i made few friends and get to know more about crypto and also trading, but my greated regret is being negative on my bitcoin statistics.
  5. I think the faucet Option should be removed, most of the players dont use it, they should remove faucet and replace it with better option such as fastbet option for those that are on mobile.
  6. Well i store my coins inside PD vaut whenever i have any, reason is because of the email authorization required before a coin could be transfer into gambling balance. Its more safer inside the vault than to leave on the main balance.
  7. I started first in real life gambling, then i moved to online to stay anonymous. I believe most people prefer online gambling to stay anonymous
  8. Am a follower of high payout, but circumstances leads to me playing low payout on Primedice. So am a low payout player. 1.2x payout to be precise
  9. I have never hit a big payout back to back at a streak, but I always believe in the theory of having a big balance to roll with, with big bank roll you can try many crazy strategy and succeed because you have big balance to withstand the red streaks.
  10. I know it just for fun , but i think primedice makes enough profit but not on every day basis
  11. Well it's called hot wallet for a reason,but that doesn't mean casino should be careless, because hackers are on the look out for hot wallet, i still remembered rollin.io vividly, their hot wallet was cleaned out on so many occasions. I wont blame primedice if they limit the amount of coins stored on in their hot wallet.
  12. Nice development coming from the Philippines. Bitcoin would go along way if other world government could follow in the steps
  13. I haven't seen any race on primedice for awhile now, only on the subsidiary site. But i really like to participate in a race where top 100 players get rewarded.
  14. I think the reputation of primedice is what speaks for them, if a casino is always having a giveaway of over $5000 almost everyday, do you think they are happy that we are losing? No. If youu're in negative, its because you was greedy.
  15. Primedice is not the first dice casino, but the first in terms of being provably fair. No casino gives the kind of giveaway primedice gives. Its what makes it the king of them all.
  16. Hitting high payout is alway fun, but very disastrous when we increase our bet bet in the hope to hit it again
  17. Congrats buddy, I hope you take it beyond that
  18. Its just a rumour, the Media that promote bitcoin will still be the one to downfall it. Samething happen 2017 when bitcoin surge to $20,000
  19. All he has to do is to dump his coin and Bitcoin price would drop down to a few dollars
  20. Libra is centralized and it only threatened xrp or ripple, it has no effect on bitcoin.
  21. There is no much going on primedice, but alot is going on with stake,thay is the reason you're getting a lot of features on stake because it is the advance version of primedice.
  22. The theme is lovely, but i would love to be able to control the playing time to either night view or day time view.
  23. The error is probably from dicebot created, maybe he/she is trying to include xrp on the dicebot to enable players to use xrp on it.
  24. The government of a country has no power to control Bitcoin, because its traded by individual, whales holder of bitcoin would sell it off when they attained the right price to buy again at cheap price.
  25. Well you should be more concern about your own personal profit and not of primedice itself, the only scenario when to be concern about primedice profit, is if you want to acquire primedice from Edward and Micro