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  1. We all have been doing our to tell people about primedice forum in our own little special ways, especially if we see someone complaining about missing rain or faucet, i personally always direct them to play the forum giveaway or to be active on forum by getting involve in forum activities. Wish supplement all.
  2. Most of us made it to the minimum withdrawal amount but lost it when ever we try to win a little more to cover the withdrawal fees. An act that need to be put into check
  3. Max bet option has been removed but i still ends up bring it back whenever am rolling on Primedice because am addicted to all in after 3-4 constant red rolls
  4. It is not wise to go into gambling without any capital, going into gambling with little capital will give you leverage to try out new strategy even if it doesn't work, but playing with rain and tip from players is not going to worth the stress, because it will takes to many effort to reach the minimum payout, but the reverse is the case with a capital.
  5. I have invited few people, but only few had been able to deposit and wagered. I just believe they don't really have the interest on dice casino, most of them are full time traders.
  6. I know of a way to constantly win, but you will need to have a big balance, the payout is 90% payout, but a red from that payout is very epic, only few players has been able to come back from such payout having encountered red from it.
  7. To become a pro or to earn a pro tag, you need to first proof you're in control of your rage urge, most of us usually go rage or all in after 3-4 reds in a roll, funniest part is after the all in, it will still be a red. Why did we now all in in the first place?
  8. The annoying part is when hunting high payout abd opposite side kept dropping. Such situation will makes you thinks rolls are being rigged
  9. I only play whenever i feel lucky, because we need luck in a that we do
  10. I evaluate mine, to control how much i wager per bet. But it always result to burst in most cases.
  11. Most countries allowed casino to operate in as much as tax is being paid into the government covers
  12. Well i started off from salary wages, but now I use my profit from trading to gamble.
  13. The only thing that make gambler feel great or good is when making profit. And lastly the only think that make one to appear as good gambler is when you have enough balance to withstand the red rolls.
  14. Nobody is monitoring our strategy, at least not the support, the only thing i can say is that Primedice bot is more advanced than that of stake, because of it experience. What works on stake will never work on primedice.
  15. 1000 satoshi is good, but not good enough to win you a race,to win some money if the race your minimum wager Should be 50k satoshi, the last time i won the race i started the race with 2ltc that's about 0.03btc and i still managed to survive 17th position, you need enough ammo to survive the race, stake has a lot of big whales.
  16. I think they're the first to use the double dice roll, i was rolling on a casino called rollin.io before i joined primedice, though it's shutdown now, but rollin.io was only using a single dice. So i think they're the first in terms of double dicing.
  17. Most people do that, we take our money and run, but only for a few 100 meters, before we take a you-turn back to redeposit to bust. Gambling in our lives. We can't do without it.
  18. Drinking alcohol when gambling is quite good, because it will give you the strong mind to go for some crazy payout, or make you wager high amount, you wont care because you're high already. Have read it in chat several times, most people that won big on primedice back then were actually high on some substance
  19. Edward has said it several times that primedice is not open to any players investment. Its own personal funding, i find it cool since he's able and capable to sustain boths casino for some years so far.
  20. I dont really like rolling with doge, due to it's cheapish nature you wont know when you start waging over your wager limit. I prefer rolling with litecoin because it's easier to rake up profit. Ofcourse that's my own personal opinion
  21. I think there is enough promotion money going around both on Primedice and stake for you to be concern about faucet. The last time i checked faucet to confirm the news i got 1 satoshi btc
  22. Its much better to have both activated if its possible. You will have the sms verification Incase your email is compromised.
  23. Have roll 99.99 and 0.00 on PD several times, most time on my first roll attempt, but the annoying part is i was never hunting for any big payout.
  24. You need to play low payout If you're not an high roller. That is the best strategy to race on stake or PD