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  1. Anything can happen on PD, most of us have a thing to say about red streaks, when mine is 20 streaks
  2. On crypto dicing, a strong mentality play a strong part in everything we, some of us can stand getting 3-4red before we take the all in option. What makes us think the next roll will not still be a red?
  3. Most of us have a losing bets, but its wise tonot count our loses, you willbe tempted to deposit each time you bust, best to just see yourself having fun on primedicd and not the other way, if you will recover, you will.
  4. Am doing all my possible best to get a positive statistics on primedice, but it looks like a lost course. It is possible but not working for me at the moment
  5. Whatever you decidebuddy, makes sure it is manual. Because manual rules
  6. It always feels good when you get to minimum withdrawal fees from scratch but greed always set in and that's when busting is evitable.
  7. With quantum computer solving bitcoin algorithm shouldn't be too difficult due to the fast processing, but sadly the super computer is not available for all
  8. I haven't been able to withdraw anything this month, maybe am not doing it right, i will love it if one of you guys can share a strategy with me. Am being slaughtered here
  9. Withdrawing is still very much okay, i observed you start losing the very moment you tip or make use of the vault.
  10. If you're hunting, its advise able to not Change the seed because all the numbers are somewhere in that current seed, that is where its best to always look at winning numbers to be sure of numbers that are yet to drop, that way you can hunt for it.
  11. My favourite thing is having instant access to the customer care center, it's really marvelous. Micro really came through with the customer care initiative
  12. Am very guilty pf this max button option, PD did a good thing by removing it for us, but we still ends up bringing it back by ourselves. I wish it's fully disabled
  13. I think the rolls required some certain skills, especially when you are playing high payout, on the regular basis it takes longer to hit green when you're hunting for certain high payout, assuming you're hunting 990x and your wager is 0.001, expect a bust because chances of hitting it in less than 500 rolls is very slim, now look at how much lose you would have incurred? 0.500btc. this is why it is advice able to first preroll before wagering your balance.
  14. Most players have rolled 77.77 one way or the other, but not with the minimum bet of 0.0001btc, i rolled 77.77 with less than 10k satoshi, i dont see reason why i would increase the bet to 10k satoshi with the hope of rolling 77.77 again, rolling 77.77 with less than 10k satoshi alone lowered my chances of winning the jackpot because its stated that minimum wagered amount must be 0.0001btc when we rolled 77.77 back to back, so no player is going to win the Jackpot.
  15. Well i don't use weed nor alcohol but i usually listen to music whenever i roll on any casinos
  16. Am fond of listening to music when playing on primedice and stake
  17. I don't see any bad thing in having alt account so long you dont chat with it. Most of the old players have alt account where they keep their winnings to avoid rage bust. But that has now changed thanks to the invention of vault
  18. Many people has been saying players will lose at the long term run playing on a casino, but dont really make emphasis on the short term run claims of winning on a casino site, let me ask this simple question, how long can a player play on a casino to be considered short term run?
  19. I walk away in most cases or ask some of my friends for some assistance, but most times they wont render it because they themselves are trying to recover their loses.
  20. Good luck, its nice when we all make plans to double our deposit, i hope you achieve this
  21. I had a chat with the ghost mod today, the annoying part was i completely forgot to take a screenshot, yes a mistake from me, i dont know if i won anything. It's okay if i didn't.. it's all good
  22. I have done it with LTC on several occasions, but only For low payout.
  23. I once played a bet with someone that a fan will gate crashed a match during the copa America cup, but i lost that certain bet though
  24. Primedice AI bot loves it when you play low payouts. It gives you green on the first 1-5 rolls, trust me after those 5 rolls, you're in for a nice red race roll between you and primedice, nothing will work at this stage, the AI bot will switch with you whenever you switch sides. My advice is use low payout to get ammo asap then switch to high payout or just stay glow to 2x martingale.
  25. Have been playing on primedice for quite a while now and believe me you will always come back to primedice wherever you go to. There is this great feeling you will always get on primedice. Mine is the mutecoin promotion whenever a player abuse or say something nasty