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  1. Hitting high payout is alway fun, but very disastrous when we increase our bet bet in the hope to hit it again
  2. Congrats buddy, I hope you take it beyond that
  3. Its just a rumour, the Media that promote bitcoin will still be the one to downfall it. Samething happen 2017 when bitcoin surge to $20,000
  4. All he has to do is to dump his coin and Bitcoin price would drop down to a few dollars
  5. Libra is centralized and it only threatened xrp or ripple, it has no effect on bitcoin.
  6. There is no much going on primedice, but alot is going on with stake,thay is the reason you're getting a lot of features on stake because it is the advance version of primedice.
  7. The theme is lovely, but i would love to be able to control the playing time to either night view or day time view.
  8. The error is probably from dicebot created, maybe he/she is trying to include xrp on the dicebot to enable players to use xrp on it.
  9. The government of a country has no power to control Bitcoin, because its traded by individual, whales holder of bitcoin would sell it off when they attained the right price to buy again at cheap price.
  10. Well you should be more concern about your own personal profit and not of primedice itself, the only scenario when to be concern about primedice profit, is if you want to acquire primedice from Edward and Micro
  11. Bitcoin has its own disadvantage, but the one i dont wish to experience is the one of high transaction fee, the higher the price of bitcoin, the higher the transfer fee per transaction. Its the reason i play with Alt coin for now
  12. Wow this is a welcome development. I will definitely try to recover my lost xrp on primedice
  13. I only know of only 3 exchanges, binance,kucoin and bittrex. But i only trade on binance because its reliable
  14. The best strategy is to not go after a loss, just play for fun. Going after loss is the mistake most of us made, am guilty of that though.
  15. I think the name reveals it all, how would you feel if you name a company dice, but you're offering blackjack instead? Its one of the main reasons they created stake which offered all variety of games and i heard more games are on the way..
  16. Bitcoin must be stable before world government will accept it, because some whale holders will still go ahead to manipulate the price at will. But i think Russia want to go into crypto
  17. We are having almost new virus everyday all because of crypto currency theft. I hope antivirus companies are able to keep with all these attacks from hackers
  18. Bubble predictors are probably trying to get hodl of some bitcoins for themselves right now
  19. I lose nothing if Bitcoin drop down to less than $1, it will only become a huge opportunity for me to buy crypto if it does drop
  20. Many of us are on other casinos, but we still comes back to primedice because it's one of the original casinos out there. And what makes orimedice great is the nice community.
  21. I think it is only possible to open primedice on different tab, but you wont be able to auto roll on those tab simultaneously. One has to stop rolling for the current tab to roll
  22. Since most of us are aware of the possibility of winning certain bet with low bet base, why can't we just stick to the low bet base to accumulate the profit?
  23. Not a bad idea to store coin on primedice vault, the vault is very safe so far your email is not compromise, because primedice have an email verification process in place should your account get hack. I think its a nice initiative coming from primedice.
  24. You guys left litecoin out of the list, litecoin is up by $30 in 4 days. Watch out for LTC, it will double in 1 month time
  25. You're right, most of all the female usernames are fake. Except the once from the Philippines few of them are real, the real 1% female on primedice are the female supports.