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  1. Well i have never tried cracking any bitcoin puzzle before,beside its always easy if a of group of people work together to crack the puzzle and i believe the reward for cracking a puzzle is real, if not we would have heard otherwise on bitcoin forums
  2. Yes it is good to hold on to the king of all coin which is bitcoin, but on the bright side, some Alt coins are also making big waves such as litecoin. Am currently banking on LTC and hoping it will grow up to $300 this year
  3. I don't know if they truly exist, but their is a conspiracy theory about area 51
  4. Yes have been in a pump situation before the coins are matic,celr,one coin, funniest part is they all dumped immediately after i booked my order.
  5. I know, and sometimes we might get lucky and hit it. So gambling is just pure luck
  6. No proof of aliens existence. No way bitcoin could have been created by aliens.
  7. Yes it has happened to me before, Most of us made that mistake of not changing increase percentage on loses, especially when we are losing.
  8. Due to the speed limit on primedice auto roll, hunting without dicebot is very difficult, especially if you're hunting for big payout, and lastly i think its best if primedice introduce the hit and stop command on the autobot
  9. The more red you get on high payout, the higher your chances of hitting it back to back.
  10. My first impression was no way am going to trust any of these casino with my coin. But primedice proved ne wrong
  11. I think the owner of the house want us to win, because he's always there by giving us constant rains.
  12. That's the irony of life, you tend to take things lightly when its not relevant, how i wish Doge coin could just usurpe Bitcoin with the way player joyfully and happily toss doge coin around
  13. Busted a few coins rolling for this morning race.
  14. You're correct, they will always be an upgrade.
  15. Yesterday I bought the one coin at 268 yesterday, but unfortunately it dropped and it still struggling at thr moment.
  16. Well no sane player would be willing to roll 0.01btc continuously and hoping to hit 77.77 twice in a row, i heard it has been rolled only twice since thr creation of primedice.
  17. Yes we all want to be a winner, we all ends up winning after 1st and 2nd try, but where we are having problem is not knowing when to withdraw, even if we withdraw the winning, we'll still redeposit both the winning and initial capital, then we end up losing all. I wish i know how to control this redepositing feelings
  18. I think price of bitcoin will equal $1 to 1 satoshi, if there are no more bitcoin to be mined.
  19. No doubt bitcoin will always increase in value, but no chance of it getting to $20,000 this year, maybe it will reach $10,000, them drop again so that traders can catch on their profits.
  20. If we go by the new information out there now, it seems changing of seed actually goes along way in our rolls, luckygames has been busted https://cryptogambling.org/articles/luckygames-io-the-monarch-of-manipulation/
  21. Well i have been in a situation where all coins was lost, but i had helps from friends and hoping things would get better as times goes on.
  22. Have been able to learn how to control my urge on PD this past few days.
  23. Let me break it down, I deposited 1ltc, i won 0.7 ltc, making the total of 1.700ltc, then lost 0.2ltc, so i was left with 1.5ltc, and i decided to not chase the lost profit, since am still in profit. It is good to know when to chase a lose.
  24. Its not really easy, its best to take your profit or lose in a positive way,for instance i deposited 1ltc yesterday, after 48hours of careful rolling, was up to 0.7ltc and boom i lost 0.2ltc in an instant. I dont even know if i should chase the 0.2ltc
  25. We play dice on Primedice because we can see the roller tab, unlike some other dice casino that just bring out a roll results.