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  1. Well i have made few friends on PD, but some people now turn the chat to their occult group where only them feel immune, it's no longer fun
  2. Year 2019 has been a wonderful year, i am able to break even of my stat on some dice casino, and i hope to break even on primedice in 2019 or 2020, whichever that comes first
  3. With bitcoin you never can know. Price is up $7400 today, i think we'll see $8000 before 2020
  4. Someone said the profit or loss stats was removed to deter players from being discouraged because a lot of players get downcasted anytime they look at their overall stat.
  5. I have been focusing on getting a gold VIP and i always meet a gridlock of bust. I really wish i could work my way around it all
  6. Maybe Eddie will give double bonus on Christmas or reward vip members only. We never can predict Edward
  7. Most players have the set of people they tip on PD, i always remember those people that has always been there for me.
  8. You're correct the longer the existence the AI is, the clever it becomes. No way to beat these AI machines. If you beat an AI machine today, trust me the next day will be a recony day
  9. Well since i don't know the particulars roll that would bring out the 9900x, i would rather cash out on the 10%. You will be surprised it will drop, right after you all in your balance. So half bread is better than none they say
  10. Most players are fond of using the max bet option, we all tend to all in after 3-4 red streaks, i think its pre-registered in our consciousness
  11. It will be very difficult to keep track of your overall stats, but i think we can still view our stats with seuntjie bot, but not everyone run the bot, but I think we should be expecting your fiat vs crypto opinion in the next primedice update
  12. Both coins are good, but they're both stagnant the way litecoin is, no much partnership going on, nothing. most of these coins are riding on the price of Bitcoin, an increase in bitcoin price will definitely give them a rise in price due to the past trade volumes.
  13. Most north American countries have bitcoin Atm installed in some location, such has eatry,bar etc
  14. Interesting, can't wait to try this upcoming challenge out
  15. Various partners has pulled out fron libra project
  16. Inrrad somewhere bitcoin is dropping because of bakkt, bakkt has activated a massive selloff of Bitcoin and looking at the way the event is unfolding, bitcoin is likely to drop more in value
  17. A lottery from primedice would be nice. Am sure some of the players here can attest to it
  18. With our stats in display, I won't say am a winner gambler. But i wish there is a way to change my stats to green for good
  19. Anything can happen on PD, most of us have a thing to say about red streaks, when mine is 20 streaks
  20. On crypto dicing, a strong mentality play a strong part in everything we, some of us can stand getting 3-4red before we take the all in option. What makes us think the next roll will not still be a red?
  21. Most of us have a losing bets, but its wise tonot count our loses, you willbe tempted to deposit each time you bust, best to just see yourself having fun on primedicd and not the other way, if you will recover, you will.
  22. Am doing all my possible best to get a positive statistics on primedice, but it looks like a lost course. It is possible but not working for me at the moment
  23. Whatever you decidebuddy, makes sure it is manual. Because manual rules