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  1. I got to know about bitcoin when it was $300 last year February
  2. My biggest number is 0.001btc
  3. I would probably be on rollin if PD refuse to load..so i play on the sister while Waiting for PD to open because i love to roll on PD
  4. Every strategy works if you know how too implement the strategy...i like playing 1.2x with 8k satoshi and wait for 2reds to yolo
  5. 50k minimum withdrawal is not a good idea..400k withdrawal is also not a good idea.. PD should peg it to maybe 200k as minimum withdrawal
  6. We need a live support like video call option.. something like that
  7. Dboyeric

    Religion (s)

    I believe there is God up there
  8. Username dboyeric....i hope i made the cuts
  9. 2x is enough cancer already...why would i go for 4x?
  10. I spend it, I plan on holding on to some as savings but always end up spending it lol.
  11. Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the best ways for trading and transactios. Trading can be carried on with much ease and comfort without fiddling with the real currency. It has many advantageous over the actual currency with respect to stress factor for the secure dealing and avoiding the extra charges per transaction
  12. Currently zero balance... Only credits
  13. Hufflepuff is the biggest winner.we all knw he cheated..but its on record that he won those coins
  14. You have a point on there...but we have thatbon seuntjiebot..you just need to clik stop on win and the bot would stop on hitting..is good for those hunting 9900x
  15. My longest red streak on 2x is 12 reds on bot..my ber base was 4k satoshi....it was a very sad day for me
  16. You will definitely get your reward if your suggestion is taken..trust Edward okay
  17. Mathematics only works in gambling if you know what you're doing
  18. some thoughts about your favorite or hated Bitcoin casinos. Do you have any winner/loser?