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  1. You have a point on there...but we have thatbon seuntjiebot..you just need to clik stop on win and the bot would stop on hitting..is good for those hunting 9900x
  2. My longest red streak on 2x is 12 reds on bot..my ber base was 4k satoshi....it was a very sad day for me
  3. You will definitely get your reward if your suggestion is taken..trust Edward okay
  4. Mathematics only works in gambling if you know what you're doing
  5. some thoughts about your favorite or hated Bitcoin casinos. Do you have any winner/loser?
  6. There is a proverb which highlights one of the biggest mistakes a gambler can make: chasing losses. In the same way that you have to know when to quit when you are ahead, there’s also a time to cut your losses and quit.
  7. If you can learn to quit when you are ahead, then you have an excellent chance of being a successful gambler
  8. No pain no gain... it's been fun playing on pd
  9. Mathematics play an important role in all forms of gambling. If your goal is to try to make money from gambling, then you really need an in-depth understanding of the relevant mathematical principles that apply. There are various concepts and calculations that you’ll find invaluable when trying to implement the correct strategies. practice the multiplier option very well
  10. I dont see that coming...the only thing we get from wagered amount is the increment on oue faucet..
  11. I believe in deposit.. you'll surely win if u deposit.
  12. Still waiting on the shop to open
  13. Edward should look into it.... giveaway by post encourage spamming....there should be away around the giveaway maybe via Facebook or something
  14. Well i reserve my comment..but not cool
  15. The highest i ever had is 2some
  16. I tried some strategy today i went from faucet to 0.04btc today
  17. The ignore option usually reset itself... Developer should look into it
  18. I don't see that happening....0% house edge. No way
  19. Thanks for the tutorial...but how can 1 get a referral