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  1. I once depo with my tuition fee...but i recovered it....it was a very crazy experience
  2. Been on pd for 1 year now micro all the way....i will put bojana on probation
  3. Posting of another website inside pd chat is not allowed. it will result in a mute
  4. 1. Roulette -10 2. Plinko- dont know 3. Blackjack-7 4. Bustabit-8 5. Baccarat- dont know 6. Dice-10 7. Wheel-10 8. Minesweeper- dont know 9. Hi/Lo-10
  5. I look forward to that day i win 2btc
  6. HiloGames where there will be options for Highest number or lowest number to be rolled per 1 user, multiple entry will be disqualification but to archive this a command code to roll in chat needs to be enable.
  7. Lol soldier? Scam detector? That would be nice though
  8. Command for roll.in chat will allow users to roll numbers in the chat...just like they have on rollin but level1 user is exempted
  9. It would be lovely and fun if primedice could come up with a lottery.. many site offer lottery example rollin.io and bitcasino.io. I look forward to participating in primedice lottery
  10. Pit,i think the profit Should be changed to wagered amount..this way you'll get a reward either for losing or winning... that's what i think
  11. We have seen various dicebot to help easy the pressure of having to bet manually..i was wondering if there is a way to work on a mobile dicebot on apk. It would go along way.
  12. I noticed the bot tend to reduced in bet speeds once bet get to 1000k bets
  13. Btc price will never go higher than $2000
  14. I would love to suggest a chat game bot. That players in the chatroom can play at a run.. example of this is Hi-Lo bot on rollin..its a bot that run itself every 30 mins just to reward a player..those that plays on rollin.io will understand my point...primedice should have Hi-Lo game bot with options to continue if you win a Hi-Lo roll
  15. Rollin.io is also a fine sister site
  16. Lucky you soldier..highest i ever got was 0.05 from faucet
  17. I dont really know much about poker...its all about primedice.com
  18. You need a big bankrolls to hunt for this and if you dont have enough balance..you can preroll with wager amount of 0.0000001 for 200 rolls..after that you should increase you bet amount and watch the magic hit...i hope this help
  19. Live support was a nice idea..but They will abuse the live support