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  1. I once made 0.06btc from 0.0002btc before
  2. Having a troll section is not a bad idea..as long as the post won't count..
  3. On pd the roll is 77.77 and must be roll twice in a roll to win a jackpot
  4. I use mobile to access here.i never experience any fault with the quote option.. it's working perfectly... except the modify option..the modify option use to move to one side on mobile
  5. Well the story behind my username goes like this,i had a girlfriend i was dating back then..she loves calling me dboyeric...which means (d boy) who has access to her heart is (Eric)
  6. Am trying to be active here,but am always active on primedice
  7. Dboyeric

    Gorilla as pet

    Haha you're gonna be a dead man in 7 days if you keep gorilla.
  8. Dboyeric

    Football Thread

    Am a Manchester united fan's all the way...Red devils
  9. Dboyeric

    Religion (s)

    evangelical Pentecostal Christian
  10. I grew up wanting to be a footballer...but that dream changed due to an injury..
  11. Dont invest all your paper money on Bitcoin, Bitcoin price is not fixed.it fluctuate alot.. my advice will be to invest spare from your money.
  12. Porn addiction is not good..it weakens your Lobido
  13. Why is bitsler leading that poll? Well have casted my vote (primedice all the way)
  14. I observed it the very moment it was launched. i would have brought the issue to the forum but it skipped my mind. Nice one pit. the Dev should please move that live support chat up abit
  15. Ledust is only trying to make moderator see me as spammers.i know am not a spammer.you are free to say tipping out 5000btc is lucky. that's your own point of view..
  16. Solicitor suggested 5btc,i wasn't aware that u replied him..beside i dont post multiple post so stfu..dont bring hateness here.thank you
  17. So unlucky...i also heard of a guy that bought pizza with 5000btc ..
  18. 5btc wagered is not okay.. they should make it 10btc wagered before a player can send request out... it's so crazy you get tons of request the instant you bank you balance
  19. Is this giveaway still on? I dropped my username once i didn't receive anything.. let me drop it once more dboyeric
  20. Account level? It won't be fair if only vip players are the only ones benefiting from giveaway..