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  1. i cant even start my ETN Application, it keeps telling me due to over traffic stuffs ans so on, is anyone experiencing this???
  2. apple is definitely winning the top position and smiling to the banks with the money
  3. any strategy higher than %40 chances is a Big Bang bust
  4. its not that hard, you only need to preroll for sometimes before using money to hunt it
  5. the settings looks good, would give a try tonight. download the image already
  6. if you can hit and run, i saw a player betting 4 litecoin on 1.1x this morning he won few coins and ran away.
  7. nice suggestion ultra, if i had seen this yesterday, i wont have bust 0.038btc yesterday
  8. it means when you wager all your balance on a single outcome of a bet. this happen when players are losing
  9. most time i say HA, HAAAAAAA until i started throwing something at the wall
  10. 1.1x is a killer payout if you're the type that bet big, a single red is all that you need to bust
  11. no need holding it for long though, selling it right after the fork, where are we to hold the etn to receive the share of the fork
  12. nice on. thanks for the updatem i will buy some tomorrow
  13. am a mobile user, is jaxx free and what is the rate of jaxx?
  14. i will be getting few coins later tomorrow, before whaler comes for it
  15. have been here since 13/03/2016 and it has been a ups and downs ride since i came on board
  16. this happened to me some few minutes ago on the litecoin, first yolo green, and yolo again but it was red, wish i had not yolo again
  17. only the whale roler can get this. so nothing for average players??
  18. ultra 50 satoshi faucet is meaningless, so i still feel faucet had been removed
  19. has PD ages, more features are being added to make it more fun place to be
  20. my highest all in bet on PD was 0.064btc minimum bet amount was 0.008btc on under 88, so i was trying to recover the 0.008btc lose, so i all in my balance and boom red i still another one of 0.025btc somewhere on strategy feature on 1.5x and it was a red also, i guess Yolo bet isn't my thing