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  1. The amount you deposit determine how long your wagering will last if properly planned out, but in some cases it all depends on lady luck. We have seen situation whereby some players withdraw big from faucet. Everything comes down to luck. Your bankroll means nothing.
  2. I congratulate you for having such balls to all in such amount and on 9x payout, have been in that kinda of situation before, what i do in most cases is play low payout and I ends up busting anyways.
  3. Congrats on the 0.02btc win today, its funny how some players find it difficult to 2x their deposit, am one of them, i will deposit and roll 3hours without being able to double my initial deposit Desperate time calls for desperate moment. Most of us all in when we hit too many red in between rolls
  4. Both of you are wrong, Jesus is not human, if you think he is human simply because he walked the earth
  5. To earn the $10 stellar,Do they (referrals) have to come from the US? Since its all about stellar
  6. 6 years of primedice 77.77 back to back has only been rolled four times. I don't see anyone hitting the full jackpot in years to come, giving the minimum bet base to hit the jackpot..
  7. I think playing high payout is the only way to stay positive on any cryptocurrency casino that has to do with dice gambling. Payout such as 100x,200x. Yes there will be alot of red results along the way, but trust me the green will always drop.
  8. Good to have you here on primrdice. Have a wonderful day
  9. Currently, i think Delli100 and claimer are the current best roller on Primedice.com. they will and still share with the community members
  10. All in was never a good strategy, it's always going to turn red after 3-5 all in in a session, and 2x is not good because i once had 25 red, now imagine if i was playing martingale and i got 25 red ? But i always wondered how some players are doing good playing 2x payout.
  11. Changing of seed doesn't guarantee anything, at the end it all comes down to luck, i remembered when robear roll x9999 twice in 50 rolls, now imagine if he had changed the seed
  12. Most people would run away, considering it has a recovery of old deposit. We have seen omg12 who ran away when Edward mistipped him 1btc live on twitch.
  13. Nothing much to say, just that i got addicted to gambling with Bitcoin, which makes me to spend most times online
  14. J would suggest seuntje, hook up with him on forum or on primedice chat.
  15. You would be surprised by the hoard of red that will come your way. The higher the bet base, the more red you get.most casino dont like it when players uses allin. Most time the outcome is always
  16. I hope this strategy still works, and lastly we both know you have a bustmachine setup somewhere on the darkweb
  17. Bitcointalk is the most popular of them all. Well primedice looks good no doubt, but the only thing that attract players to primedice back then was the faucet and the community.
  18. The only thing that caught my attention was the PvP, I used to be a fan of PvP back in rollin.io days, but unfortunately the site is now closed. How does the PvP work?
  19. Yes sure, I don't like withdrawing less than 0.010btc, since it doesn't hold much value. But in most cases i never withdraw. All i do is best, maybe because i was busy chasing my 0.6btc loses
  20. It depends on the amount i won, but in most cases, i will just readjust my sitting position to bust it back ASAP
  21. My goal is to recover my 0.6btc but surprisely am losing more.
  22. Its a nice write-up, but i think you should put the dicebot settings here for everyone to see and copy. This will help those high payout hunters