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  1. My biggest yolo was 0.064 under 88, i was trying to win 0.008..
  2. Why don't you go for doge coin? Doge has been stable for awhile now
  3. Resident evil is my favorite video game..played it on ps1 ps2 and ps3
  4. My goal is to make sure i will something everyday on PD
  5. Is there any chance of making the black theme permanent
  6. There is no such PD user in the database, you might want to register or give a real Pd user has the giveaway been credited
  7. I believe we have alien living here on earth
  8. Well if they stay online to comment, some people here will tag them as spammers. i think it will be okay if your commentt is reasonable and sensible
  9. To me physical appearance and experience matters alot
  10. I once made 0.06btc from 0.0002btc before
  11. Having a troll section is not a bad idea..as long as the post won't count..
  12. On pd the roll is 77.77 and must be roll twice in a roll to win a jackpot
  13. I use mobile to access here.i never experience any fault with the quote option.. it's working perfectly... except the modify option..the modify option use to move to one side on mobile
  14. Well the story behind my username goes like this,i had a girlfriend i was dating back then..she loves calling me dboyeric...which means (d boy) who has access to her heart is (Eric)