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  1. Dboyeric

    Boom attack

    Yes Afghanistan was bombed yesterday, i hope things get better in the middle east
  2. Hello velsi...i hope you do enjoy your stay on the forum
  3. Welcome to pd forum George
  4. I think Bitcoin price will remain somewhere between $2000 and $2500
  5. Maybe i should give high payout a try. Have lost total of 1btc with low payout. Especially 88% wins
  6. High payout is still the best in terms of making big profits.but you need to have a big bankroll.
  7. you're very lucky 10 straight win on x2 payout is very rare
  8. Well i don't wanna experience anything that as to do with same sex..
  9. For your movies,there is an application called mobdro, it's a very nice application. it's a very nice application to watch quality movies and live matches
  10. charry you're welcome to the forum. i hope you're having a good time
  11. For now,no coin can dethrone Bitcoin...that is t Just the truth
  12. If we have a very large demand for Bitcoin but there is no supply for Bitcoin,The price will triple
  13. only PD is probably fair
  14. Guys how long do you last during sex?
  15. Dboyeric

    Football Thread

    Do you think Barcelona can turn the table one's more?
  16. Enabling two factor authentication is the safest way prevent unauthorized access in one's account
  17. Hey ed, Btw im using pc nd somtimes tablet, and im with the quality of it, when typing it in chat it results in typo, especially when using space if you're typing on the mobile version of primedice,on mobile if you're typing a sentence you cant go back,because if you try to edit something.you will get a typo error..i have complained about this, i hope they fix it soonest
  18. Any contribution that is not related to a topic contributed on is a spam..
  19. I was wondering if edward could bring pvp back to the community for us to be able to versus ourselves. The minimum bet can also be peg at 50k or 100k satoshi. This will make PD more fun