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  1. Edward should look into it.... giveaway by post encourage spamming....there should be away around the giveaway maybe via Facebook or something
  2. Well i reserve my comment..but not cool
  3. The highest i ever had is 2some
  4. I tried some strategy today i went from faucet to 0.04btc today
  5. The ignore option usually reset itself... Developer should look into it
  6. I don't see that happening....0% house edge. No way
  7. Thanks for the tutorial...but how can 1 get a referral
  8. What's the essence of verifying a bet? Can it be revised or has anyone ever prove any single bet wrong before
  9. Mining for btc now is a waste of time..i wont advice my enemy to do it
  10. Edward is stunna, stunna is Edward
  11. Playing from faucet isn't easy..you might play all day and get nothing.. the purpose of faucet is to learn
  12. I will give you strategy a shot...i hope it gets to double my wallet
  13. Indonesia? I don't wanna go to any Asia country man
  14. Waiting for our community shop to open