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  1. he has said it all.. or you give your atm to your wife
  2. i would like to ask you what site would you recommend if you want updates news on all major cryptocurrencies in one place?
  3. Bani, Welcome to the forum. Do have a wonderful time in here
  4. My dream car is Lamborghini Veneno
  5. Love comes first,then every other things follows.;
  6. I love primedice to bitsler. Bitsler is a shitty casino
  7. anyone invested in any of these crypto-currencies? I believe Monero is the new crypto of the blackmarkets as it is anonymous unlike Bitcoin. I think this community will eventually start dealing in Ether as the confirmation times are much faster than Bitcoin, and customers HATE waiting on Bitcoin confirmations that can take up to 12 hours at times. I'm half invested in Ether and Bitcoin atm, looking to get Monero very soon.
  8. I was up to 0.022btc from faucet yesterday..i had to stop to avoid bursting
  9. Edward is busy playing poker somewhere
  10. Thanks for the info..but i don't think it gonna worth it
  11. I didn't experience the pd2 for long when i joined pd...but i was on fully during the NAN era
  12. have lost over 0.6btc on primedice..i hope i recover some day
  13. Welcome to the forum newpotato man..have fun
  14. Dboyeric

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter kristoff..do have a wonderful day
  15. I hope you enjoy your time on PD community
  16. I started gambling 10years ago on PlayStation console...it was fun
  17. Welcome to PD forum nricci55
  18. Dboyeric


    My phone is one of my asset
  19. mention any player on PD that got credit from hall of fame that you know.
  20. Dboyeric


    Sophy the method am gonna give you is the fastest method,apply weed into an hair cream and be applying it everyday on that particular spot. 30 days you would see the outcome..
  21. Hall of loser? I wouldn't wanna see my name on this hall of losers of a thing
  22. I tried this strategy yesterday,i was winning,but i bust because i couldn't stop or take a 1hour timeout
  23. The only guy i know that love playing against the odds,Nice hit man
  24. Dario you are Welcome to our wonderful community
  25. Am a straight guy..i love ladies