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  1. Froggy the bet base is 0.000000 ? Could you Check it to clarify if it's a mistake or not a mistake
  2. You're not alone, i always burst my faucet runs. i took 2555 faucet to 0.01 yesterday..i bursted it,today faucet to 0.006btc i busted it.. greediness is an asshole
  3. Dboyeric


    Gambling is not in God's willing..but we go it anyway,because money has to be made
  4. i will be adding basketball for sure,lets wait for others to drop there favorite...P.S the odds on the bets will be ok
  5. I will be offering a game on here every weekend..am still trying to gather more on users option..please kindly state your favorite sport below and i will be offering betting on them every weekends Example football,basket ball,ice hockey, tennis.. just let me knoe your favorite
  6. We dont have enough credits in circulation,we need to fund our account to be able to pay out winnings. i want to suggest a way to fund the house..if we can send bitcoin to micro on primedice and micro will send credits to your account on forum.. i hope its cool..have done mine already waiting for micro to credit me here
  7. It was never a dull moment with primedice.. it's always fun
  8. Dboyeric


    Hello Faisal welcome to pd forum
  9. I think it has been fixed..it only happens when ever the forum is filled up
  10. First time i heard about PD was March 2016...and it has been a fun filled ride ever since
  11. Dboyeric

    TV Series

    You should watch (the Originals)
  12. My Best investment plan is to invest on myself by gambling with my bitcoins
  13. I never for once hit this x9900 bird..i dont know why
  14. Life without sex? I dont think We Human can do without sex. Only the dead can stop having sex
  15. 1.primedice 2.rollin 3.bitsler
  16. My dream is to hit x9900 with 0.001btc on 1-10 trial
  17. Jawad how did you get your 400 credits? You only got 4 posts
  18. Oh that must be it! Have you experienced it too? There should be a notice if our post or topics will be deleted :3 yes i have.