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    Sophy the method am gonna give you is the fastest method,apply weed into an hair cream and be applying it everyday on that particular spot. 30 days you would see the outcome..
  2. Hall of loser? I wouldn't wanna see my name on this hall of losers of a thing
  3. I tried this strategy yesterday,i was winning,but i bust because i couldn't stop or take a 1hour timeout
  4. The only guy i know that love playing against the odds,Nice hit man
  5. Dario you are Welcome to our wonderful community
  6. Am a straight guy..i love ladies
  7. We call that touch your toe in my country
  8. Bitcoin will get to $2000 before the ending of 2017.. there is a speculation about the price reaching $3000 middle 2018
  9. I need an advice on where to promote my affiliate links..i created an advert on melowads.com been running it for a month now. all i get is view no one as click my link or register..i feel am doing it right..please if anyone knows anything about melowads please share it with me
  10. Good luck to you luck..you need it
  11. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  12. Dboyeric

    Hi I'm Kasha

    Welcome to the pd community.. enjoy your stay here
  13. Thanks micro been looking for a way to promote my referral link
  14. Welcome to pd forum mark.have fun
  15. Based on logistics bitcoin price will never depreciate no matter the situation
  16. Hello Sophy you're welcome to our wonderful community.
  17. Mouth of course.blowjob of a thing always put it in her mouth
  18. I dont see Bitcoin losing it value, because it d most accepted cryptocurrency in the world right now
  19. seriously,well it's a good thing that the supports team is carrying the new members along...nice video
  20. Bitsler is rigged..you lose the moment you start wagering high money
  21. Well to be on the safe side don't put your money in it..
  22. Weed makes you think straight..and it also burn fats in your body
  23. Dboyeric


    if caugh? I will just tell them it's an assignment
  24. I love lady that shaves her below