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  1. I will go for Android phone, and the reason is because it has as more apps, good battery duration and the mega pixel of an Android phone out shine an iphone..lets us have your point of view why you choose Android or iPhone
  2. Am using infinix zero 4. Infinix Zero 4 comes with a price tag of N90,000
  3. Have been trying to find a strategy that works with Low or high payout,but i alway lose at the end
  4. Dboyeric


    You should try MONOPOLY ,i kinda love to play it alot,i never get bored of it.
  5. I wouldn't recommend 1.5x to my enemies..2x or 1.2x is what i use
  6. If you can profit $10 daily, calculate it 30 days you will be making $300 monthly,in 3 month you're going to be making close to 1btc which is not so bad. But greed is very difficult to control
  7. If giveaway is not based on post..what should it base on? Your vip tags on primedice? You must be kidding me.. Edward didn't drag anyone of you here..feel free to make your own giveaway based on anything you want..
  8. I really don't know why you guys are complaining about posts. If you cant post on the forum. You're free to just be a reader on here and leave those that want to post alone.
  9. Never trust a cloud mining site if you love your money
  10. You can make use of both options..if you need your conversion in express mode.make use of milan944 but with %10 charge.. but if you have patient make use of micro
  11. Any form of life on this planet earth that breath in air must surely comes to an end..so purpose of life is to leave a peaceful,good have your own family before he/she dies..
  12. Lol wait for extra 12 hours before we play.. I'll suggest we yolo all the way...am.guilty of that.
  13. You can teach your dog how to fetch
  14. So many sources out there about bitcoin, search for investment in bitcoin on google..but i prefer to try my luck by gambling.that what i did
  15. Having all the money in the world doesn't make you rich, Bill Gates for example is the richest man on earth.but he still goes tp his office everyday.. you're rich if you're happy
  16. War freak.lol,.but i think ww3 will start from North Korea
  17. Jacob i want to welcome you to pd community
  18. I wanted to be a journalist when i was growing up, but i ended being an accountant
  19. Nice sugestion,but i wanna keep it clean and simple ,There is already things like that,on other threads ;D other thread? Could you give me the link.i lbecause i suggested it,but didn't get any feed back