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  1. Have never been into any real casino before but i prefer online casino, because you wont be pressured to make any bet in a haste..one can easily take his/her time to place bet online..
  2. My first intro to gambling was cards, then i started gambling big time on sports. i've lost quite alot of money on sports betting such as horse race,dog race..i was then introduced to dice gambling 2016, have lost and also won some money from it..i don't regret gambling..i see it as a way of catching fun
  3. well it depends on what kind of "spam" you talking.. if you, just like me, was new in forum you probably had tons of topics to read and obviously you would like to answer to a couple of them.. even with 100 posts a day you shouldnt be taken as spammer if you would make posts according to the subject of the topic making a post according to the subjects will not be count as spam..but you still have to set time interval to each post to avoid flooding the screen with your name..i hope you understand
  4. There's is an on going giveaway that required 70 post in one week..how do you expect do members to qualify if posting is reduced to 5 posts per day?
  5. most of those complaining are the ones who misses out on giveaway, they hardly contribute.
  6. i want to believe posting of topics is different from comments, creating of topic can be restricted but not posting thank you
  7. I was 15 years when i started betting with my allowance..was in high school then
  8. Hi dream stage... you're welcome to our wonderful forum..
  9. you just made a very important post..the most fairest way is based on post..
  10. i do, watching it weekly there is a hint in the first episode that naruto is dead , when kawaki was fighting boruto in the beginning
  11. Anyone following up with Boruto?
  12. Wrestling is now a joke, but my favourite superstar is Goldberg...
  13. The minimum withdrawal is set to 400k which is good due to miners fee
  14. Jonathan, welcome to pd forum
  15. The situation in North Korea is the trailer of ww3...
  16. Hi paul.. you're welcome to this wonderful community
  17. Bitcoin will still rise. But so many people missed the golden opportunity already when bitcoin was less than $1 for 1 bitcoin
  18. Starbruck, Welcome to our wonderful community
  19. Hi catosa, welcome to the pd forum
  20. We have a lots of smartphones out there, but these 2 phones top the list. If you're to pick out of these 2 phones,which one would you pick? I will go for Samsung Galaxy 7 edge