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  1. Milan is here to stay, but too bad not ready to part away with 200k of my current balance which is 10% for instant conversion, bitcoin is now fucking fragile every satoshi counts
  2. Or you buy fragment of Bitcoin to use for gambling on primedice
  3. To me i don’t thick age as anything to do with relationship as far as any of them is above 18.
  4. Well I would like to learn how to fly a plane and understand international languages apart from English
  5. Really confusing, it is. She/he should've constructed her/his words properly. am very sure he/she meant to ask ( if you have been scammed before)
  6. I think its about time to start storing etherum..
  7. Etherum is the next generation coin to invest on
  8. Yesterday i went from 0.0009 to 0.004 but i ended up giving it back because i couldn't pause..We all need to learn how to pause gambling for 1-2 hours whenever we are winning something..
  9. I've lost $600+ on primedice so far and still counting
  10. I slept off last night with bot on, woke up with just 0.001btc profit. I believe betting strategy matters alot,but most important thing is bank roll.you need to have a big bankrolls 1000 satoshi bet base on %%90 win chances
  11. Winning full bitcoin on primedice would be a wonderful thing..so i can gamble in full beast mode
  12. we're not alone on this earth, please research on area 51 very well mate
  13. good luck mate, anything can happen on primedice good luck winning 0.001 per day..it is %100 possible
  14. Being addicted to gambling is not really a good/bad idea... because if you win big you wont call it a bad thing..
  15. i really cant wait for this movie to be released..i wish we are in November already
  16. To tell you the truth, I admire his courage .. that courage is gonna destroy the whole world!
  17. The only time i had sex outside my room was during a friend's party... We couldn't get a room,so we went into a tight corner and hit it
  18. The scariest of all is kim Jong, dude trying to challenge the whole countries
  19. Price of bitcoin will reach $2000 before December....
  20. Lucky 7 Lucky 5 Roulette Hi/Lo My favorite is lucky 7
  21. maybe we'll deposit directly from blockchain.