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  1. Am guilty of this, i always deposit whenever i lose
  2. I have won 0.065btc from faucet on several occasions
  3. Just hold your coins till you think its safe to catch on it
  4. You can stilp Wait till ending of 2018 to decide if you want to dump it or not
  5. Best gambler is mrvinzenso.. He went away with almost 500btc
  6. Am a fans of playing safe, but i always end up busting after a long run. Advice run after you have accumulate some profit
  7. Well am guilty of this, whenever i win, i still end up putting the money back into the system. I wish there is a way around that
  8. Rog ver is rich on both bitcoin and bitcoin cash already, no need hating on anyone
  9. In a nutshell you just buy some coin and gamble it on primedice. Who knows you might hit big
  10. You're right lorca, at the end of thr run, we end up losing everything
  11. I will play under 88 all in to make it 9btc
  12. Nice them, but i doubt if you will receive any donations, PD will soon implement the night mode
  13. Bitcoin price determine the price of other crytocurrency. Which means if bitcoin drop in price, other coins will definitely drop as well
  14. 32gb ram? Could you pm the PC specs to me please
  15. For now nothing has really happen other than winning back %2 of my loses from crypto casino, still looking forward to the day I will break even with these casinos. That day will be an epic
  16. Any collaboration that will bring positive changes to bitcoin price will be welcome
  17. Sorry about that, I hope you're making progress with the recovery
  18. Dicebot has not effect on the outcome of rolls, what dicebot does is to speed up the number of roll. You can easily roll 10,000 rolls in 1 hour if you use dicebot, but you won't be able to do that with the normal auto roll on the website
  19. Always look at it from the other angel as well, how would you feel if it had turned green when you accidentally Max bet
  20. There was a typo error, it was 2017, not 2014,am not even on PD in 2014. The bet I'd is somewhere on forum.