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  1. Being a VIP comes with a lot of packages, one thing i am very sure about is that primedice will not start something if it won't benefits the community. So i will urge you guys to get yourself at least bronze. It will worth it at the long run

  2. Well no one goes into a casino to play for fun, its always for the money. I roll on primedice for the money and only for the money. We only need to work on our strategy by not being too self centered, alway go for high payout

  3. On 12/01/2020 at 16:10, Chikou1306 said:

    when i read the title i thought it will be a boring topic ! but i saw only an image of a winning bet ! and what a bet ! you are really the luckiest mf ! indeed :D 

    He had 4 of that hits yesterday.

  4. On 10/01/2020 at 21:54, Jelanstream said:

    Hello Again Primedice Forum Community
    There's a lot of people participating on here on Primedice and also on stake but which site is worth it to participate race?
    For me stake is worth it than primedice race because you can win on stake race even if you wager at least 0.3 BTC you can win also the mega race on stake is 
    very worth it if you can join at least top 50 and you get $25 free. On primedice it's not really worth it to participate race cause there's a lot of people 
    who wager huge amount and it takes to much time.
    How about you guys where is the worth it to participate race here on Primedice or Stake?

    You're wtong, there are lots of high roller on stake than we have on primedice, you can only benefit of stake race during mega race, every other race is a no trial for average players,but on primedice you can still win top 10 with 2btc wager something you can't get kn stake. And lastly race occurs frequently on primedice more than it does on stake