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  1. Not a bad idea to store coin on primedice vault, the vault is very safe so far your email is not compromise, because primedice have an email verification process in place should your account get hack. I think its a nice initiative coming from primedice.

  2. 1 hour ago, sheenaz.bay said:

    Hi all...
    I hope you have good luck today and not experience bad luck like me.

    It can be said that today is a beautiful start for me, I made my balance from 30k satoshi to 300k satoshi more.
    I do it using payout 2.20x with 100% on loss.
    when my balance reaches 300k satoshi more, I change my payout 2.20x to 9900x.
    of course I have explained how I play using Payout 9900x in my previous thread.
    yes, I played flat, but it wasn't, I forgot to reset my 100% on loss, when I still used payout 2.20x.
    so you can say, I lost 300k satoshi more, playing using payout 99000x with 100% on loss.
    I just realized it when the roll stopped by itself.
    that's my stupidity.
    so, have you ever forgotten to change / reset your on loss percentage? or have you ever forgotten to lower your bet?

    tell me your experience, thank you ....

    Yes it has happened to me before, Most of us made that mistake of not changing increase percentage on loses, especially when we are losing.