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  1. Yea, skelewu is one of my favorite dance
  2. the meaning of playing smart is to run when you are in a profit and never come back until the next day for the next profit
  3. You have asked a million dollar question. The only reason primedice is still standing is because veterans players decided to stay on primedice because of their VIP benefits, this save them from having to restart all over again on stake. But it is very unfortunate that the team focus more on stake.
  4. Well from my own point kof view, i think stake is receiving more updates than that of primedice. Primedice VIP reward is okay.
  5. Bitcoin is my kryptonite, i dont really know how to roll with that coin
  6. happy birthday to primedice, so have been on primedice for 4years now, time really waits for no one
  7. I don't think so, if any games should be added, it will definitely be on stake, primedice is mainly dice.
  8. Well i usually put off the animation of primedice, because the animation makes the whole roll look as if its shifting to red very often.
  9. No day i come to primedice and not see betty hitting big on the high roller tab, i wonder how she does it
  10. 50 billion bet is almost completed, but It would be lovely if its won by a none HR players, i also hope am that player
  11. Alot of us has been asking team primedice to change the jackpot to 77.77 and the last bet id to be 7 or 77.. but they are yet to do anything about it. Since its their platform they can set any terms and conditions for their jackpot.. that jackpot has been running since way back 2017
  12. So it was really 15btc? I thought it was 5btc
  13. I won't call it intentionally busting, nobody likes busting, but its one of the 3 possible outcome, its either you win,walk away when you lose some or you ends up busting all
  14. I know a lucky player would hit the jackpot some day in the future, but not anytime soon.
  15. Being a VIP comes with a lot of packages, one thing i am very sure about is that primedice will not start something if it won't benefits the community. So i will urge you guys to get yourself at least bronze. It will worth it at the long run
  16. Wow i never seen it done before never, you deserve an accolades. Just one question did you withdraw?
  17. There is different between gambling and just a player, gambling is when you are betting money on an outcome of a particular probability, why playing could be just playing just for fun without having any expectations or a reward
  18. I think primedice already has its own coin which is the forum credit.
  19. Well no one goes into a casino to play for fun, its always for the money. I roll on primedice for the money and only for the money. We only need to work on our strategy by not being too self centered, alway go for high payout
  20. It would be nice to see Ethereum classic on primedice, but hey it's up to the big bosses to decide what to be added and what not
  21. He had 4 of that hits yesterday.
  22. My biggest profit on primedice was 5ltc, it was all luck based though, but i was glad it came through
  23. It could be a bug that need fixing, because confirmation for vault withdrawal should stand incase of any hacking
  24. Strategy is good, but you need luck for any strategy to work out positively for you.