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  1. 10 minutes ago, sheenaz.bay said:

    I agree that in Primedice there is an option for roll speed. so the user just has to choose the roll speed that he wants to match the payout used

    Yes, some casino now offer flash rolls, the flash roll feature is able to roll 9000 rolls in less than 1 minutes. I Hope primedice will implement these fast rolls settings

  2. Just now, sheenaz.bay said:

    I see the roll speed is very slow in Primedice, but when the long red and bets have reached the maximum, the roll speed increases. and finally busted. so to play with 9900x, it's really too long here

    We all know primedice does not have a fast bet auto bot, to hunt for such high psyout,You will need dicebot to hunt for it, because it takes time to hit it, top most 10,000-50,000 rolls, except you're lucky.

  3. 5 minutes ago, al2mert said:

    How are bet speeds determined? I noticed bet speeds are higher after >=10 satoshi bets, but I didn't see much difference after that. Fastest is 1 bet per second I think. Does anyone bets at higher speeds?

    Its not so bad but it is not super nice waiting for autobet to catch 9900x for hours.

    What is your opinions on betting speeds?

    Are you referring to the autobet on primedice or dicebot? Autobet speed actually depends on your wager amount, the higher your wager amount is the more speed you get.

  4. 7 hours ago, JstLikeMagyk said:

    I'm having some new success setting little micro goals of 10k - 50 k satoshis and then vaulting it which is pretty cool kinda why we asked for this function for so long :)

    I used multiplier of 8x and 10% increase on loss, and i set roll to stop if my balance is below certain figure, i do this incase the system plan to bust me. Example is as followed, lets assume you have balance of 0.001btc, you  can set stop roll if balance is below 0.00095. I don't know if you understand this.

  5. 9 hours ago, Nedzi said:

    Can somebody explain how rainbot works? I taught that people who wagered more have more chance to get rain. I turned my autobet whole day but only get one in morning and that's all. Thanks for sharing information with me. Love you all.

    From my understanding, you need to have wager and the most important thing is to be active in chat, not just being active in chat alone, you most have the chat open all the time, do this things and you will surely get the rain from rainbot

  6. On 16/05/2019 at 22:48, Snike said:

    I'm sure a lot the playerbase from either Primedice or Stake, are about 70% the same people. If you think about it it's nothing negative to point out or to mention at all. 

    I also know that Primedice is the "dad", an original version of stake itself. But that's not really what I intend to use this post for.

    Resulting from all this, as a routined player of Stake I figured I'ld go over to Primedice and check it out. It's the same owners, the same roots from a history point of view. So I came into all this "6 year celebration" stuff and I find it funny that I went into Primedice and just every single detail was similar. Of course the interface of the casino itself, the forum websites and the member base is similar. But when I came here I didn't find anything unique about Primedice that stake couldn't offer. 

    I can't see a lot of diversity between the timespending experience of both the websites. Interface - the same, Players - mostly the same, playing behaviour - the same. 

    So I'm now asking you, do you find that there is not enough diversity between Primedice and Stake? What keeps you at either one of them? Would you think that there might be a fusion between the two? Let me know if it's just my POV (point of view) or if you feel the same! :)

    Sincerely, your SnikeConfirmed!!!! :)


    You are right, they even share almost the same moderators,the only different is the variety of games stake has to offer, whch is a game thing. But i usuallysay stake is the 2.0 version of primedice

  7. On 17/05/2019 at 11:35, sheenaz.bay said:

    Talking about the problem of making a profit from gambling surely you agree if it's only based on luck, right?

    Certainly true, because if it were not you, surely the dealer would win. Therefore, luck is not you can make your benchmark of victory. Why ? Because of the many gambling players who only rely on luck will definitely end up being a constant defeat.

    You're right it all comes down to luck, we have some players who get maximum 2-3 red rolls rolling 2x martingale, while some players will get 8-9 red rolls consecutively. 

  8. One thing i know for sure is that if bitcoin fall in price, none of the aforementioned coins is going nowhere near the projected price. In a nutshell, we all should keep hoping Bitcoin keeps increasing in price

  9. 5 minutes ago, Redash12 said:

    Yeah But his still handsome lol :D

    Yes still very cute.

    1 minute ago, davincuy said:

    He have a good looking, cute and still young i guess :D 

    for the first time. i thought the PD's owner is Old already. but i am totally wrong xD 


    Most of the PD admins are young guys, even micro is young.