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  1. I always visit PD, though i spend most time on PD as a lurker. PD run through my veins
  2. One thing i know for sure is that if bitcoin fall in price, none of the aforementioned coins is going nowhere near the projected price. In a nutshell, we all should keep hoping Bitcoin keeps increasing in price
  3. People dropping their username should reread the post one more time.
  4. Yes still very cute. Most of the PD admins are young guys, even micro is young.
  5. Its always nice to see Edward roll, yesterday was the first this year, he always stream everyday back in those days. Hope daily streaming can be brought back
  6. Lol funny topic, well i can only say Edward look more mature now than the first time he went on twitch.
  7. Will there be another project aside stake and primedice?
  8. Whenever am hunting a certain payout, changing of seed after hitting it twice is idea..but if you're playing regular changing of seed changes nothing
  9. Low payout is very simple to play but never a very safe payout to play. I rather play high payout than playing less than 2x
  10. Alot of people are waiting for the price to reduce, not to die. Alot of players hated it when they missed the train when bitcoin was below $500 in year 2015.
  11. I have made alot of friends here, both in my country and outside my country. Its been fun being on PD
  12. Am currently planning to fix myself a car or process my traveling documents, if i win a large Bitcoin.
  13. The easiest way to keep a steady profits on a daily basis is if you have at least a full 1btc, a daily profit of 0.01btc is not bad if greed doesn't set in
  14. I never held a full 1btc before, but have lost more than 1btc on gambling sites combine together
  15. Username: dboyeric Happy birthday primedice
  16. Some of my best moments on primedice was turning faucet to 0.064btc, and receiving a tip of 0.1btc has a birthday gift from a player here.
  17. Well people playing on stake will come back to primedice as soon as the missing royalty is address.
  18. @CaptainLorca do you mean posting of link without covering it? Because i posted a link both referral and none referral link, to my surprise @UltraChief kept on deleting that particular post. Now to my question are you saying its okay to post a link, because he said he would give me a warning point the next time i post a referral link, i tried to contact him in pm, no response from him, though i understand the reason for keeping mute on me, so is there any conditions preventing posting of referral link on forum?@CaptainLorca
  19. Could you give us example of such coin? When Bitcoin was going up in price last year, everyone was telling us how great their Alt coin was, where is cardano, ripple now? These coins went as high as $5 per coin during the bull run. But now reverse is the case
  20. Here in my country, the government is against it, because they're unable to charge tax of bitcoin trade. but the people are using it, it's even easier to buy Bitcoin here than in the U.S
  21. Well most gamblers never learn, especially when we try to be smart with low payout. I went from 0.0002btc to 0.0019btc last week and busted with low payout,because i want a simple 10k satoshi to reach minimum. I was pissed. Funniest part is i still went back to playing low payout even after busting me several times
  22. I think both is important,but luck is all that we need the most to hit our green.
  23. Those of you guys glamouring for script, i hope you're aware that some script comes with auto withdrawal to the Creator's wallet?