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  1. I always come back to primedice because its always fun and lively
  2. Am very sure You've been having sex before the news of you dying in the next 24hours, i would suggest you spend enough time with your loved ones
  3. Glad they didn't see my ethereum. I feel bad for those who lost their coins... Password changed asap
  4. I love btc, and hate bch.. I never really use that coin much like that
  5. On a fair run, you should hit x99 between 100-200 rolls
  6. I think we should save the children
  7. Wow Wow could you clearify if the withdrawal came through?
  8. I just saw the vault features, its a good initiatives. But most users will have difficulty in swtiching to this new vault idea, because most of us are fond of tipping from bank account
  9. Dboyeric

    Tether drops !!

    I think a change in tether price will definitely bring a change in all cryptocurrency especially bitcoin since bitcoin price is pegged by tether, because it 1 tether equal $1
  10. Probability is the best way to understand it, and lastly never roll for a long period because they house edge would balance up to move ahead,which is to win you
  11. Apple is only trying to promote bitcoin to their USA customers, because most of them never heard of bitcoin before
  12. If they take in your opinion, the hacker will have options to disable the 2fa
  13. My first is magicaldice.com. then rollin.io, then primedice.com. i dont like the shitler version
  14. Incase you want to bet using crypto, you should check 1xbet.com out
  15. I don't think ethereum is mine able using PC. You need Asic to mine ethereum
  16. Wow primedice now have 2fa on tipping? That is a great development
  17. This strategy might work you know? Since the easy way out isn't working. Maybe we should try the harder way. 2x all the way
  18. I thought account is secure once we set 2fa?
  19. We have some players here that are into gambling full time, while some are in it for part time basis, everyone with what works for them.
  20. Bitcoin price is repeating the same thing it did last year, now is the time to buy not to miss the train
  21. I do both the long and short time run, it all depends on my balance
  22. That's true,probably because lots of holders are playing safe by dumping alternative coins for bitcoin