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  1. We play dice on Primedice because we can see the roller tab, unlike some other dice casino that just bring out a roll results.
  2. Lol, no ritual works for gambling, its just pure luck Whatever methods you finally decided on, make sure martingale is not included, because it would suck up your balance
  3. Seed doesn't cut it, no way you can escape or avoid house edge. If not for thr house edge most of the casinos would have gone bankrupt
  4. The post is very helpful and well detailed, i always advocate for high payout but i never play it, i think its high time to start high payout on primedice if i want to recover my loses
  5. Nice Nice write-up, i actually learned from this. Patience is one things i don't have in gambling. I hope the situation turns around for me very soon.
  6. If your bets are not working, its best to sort strategy from players or view some YouTube videos for better understanding of dice rolling
  7. Are you saying people gamble for the fun of just gambling? In every gambling minded person, one thing always comes to mind which is let me quickly make some profit, its during the process of wanting more that we end up busting, do you even know starting up a business is gambling? Because the business may end up going the other way, meaning may end up not going the way you had hoped.
  8. Well i believe everything has a pay day, doing a regular work automatically earn you a pay, so is gambling, all you need is find the right source, there are lots of fixing out there, am not promoting anything but they're out there and people are also earning big daily just doing smart trading with their coins.
  9. Whenever i lose, i just on a go rage and ended up losing more. Am just a degens
  10. Well its very difficult to convince an atheist, just a simple way to find out is when we all go on a journey of no return, then its going to be between you and you alone.
  11. The bull run that happened before would definitely happen again, but always sell whenever you're in profit then buy again when btc is in deep drop
  12. Most people see gambling as a source of income,since its gives a quick return on investment, for instance we now have football bookies everywhere, let me ask you something, do you think those fans inside the football stadium are there to watch a match just for the fun of it or they're watching it because they placed a bet on a certain team to win? In my own view they are there because they placed a bet on a certain team for a specific outcome, that's my opinion.
  13. Its not an idea to label a new coin a scam, remember Bitcoin was once a shitcoin back then. But in reality most ICO coins are scam. Really to study any new coin properly before diving into it. For now the best coin to hold is still bitcoin
  14. Bitcoin is a project with a bright prospect, but its best we face the reality, because there is no way bitcoin is going to reach $1million per coin.
  15. Except that you have seen oxygen? No one has seen oxygen nor know the color of an oxygen, we only know it is necessary and crucial to breath in oxygen to survive, and that science was able to contain oxygen in a cylinder. What am trying to say is you didn't see oxygen before you breathing, I don't see any reason why you need to see God before you believe in his existence
  16. You're right, all administrators are always busy, they always look for ways to move the company forward to the next heights. But trust me Edward always create little time to interact with his followers
  17. I dont really keep tabs on my deposit, but i deposited a full LTC and fraction of bitcoin of 0.075btc some time ago.
  18. If you need to see the oxygen before you breath it in, then maybe you have to see God before you believe he exist.. but if you don't have to see oxygen before breathing it in, then you don't have to see God before you believe.
  19. I got a questions for you, did you see the oxygen you breath in before inhaling it? You didn't see the it, but you know it's right there existing
  20. You're right, but the dice PvP is like starting challeng, but tipping the pvp bot, and if another player tip the same not,then you will choose high or low, if it's low, the player who roll the lowest number wins
  21. Primedice chat is always filled with diversity, but it so sad that some certain people divided the chat by creating their own gang.
  22. Am not holding much XRP, just 200 xrp on binance. Hopefully it will get up to $10 per coin, if LTC can do it, hopefully xrp will do it
  23. Yes, some casino now offer flash rolls, the flash roll feature is able to roll 9000 rolls in less than 1 minutes. I Hope primedice will implement these fast rolls settings