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  1. Am fond of listening to music when playing on primedice and stake
  2. I don't see any bad thing in having alt account so long you dont chat with it. Most of the old players have alt account where they keep their winnings to avoid rage bust. But that has now changed thanks to the invention of vault
  3. Many people has been saying players will lose at the long term run playing on a casino, but dont really make emphasis on the short term run claims of winning on a casino site, let me ask this simple question, how long can a player play on a casino to be considered short term run?
  4. I walk away in most cases or ask some of my friends for some assistance, but most times they wont render it because they themselves are trying to recover their loses.
  5. Good luck, its nice when we all make plans to double our deposit, i hope you achieve this
  6. I had a chat with the ghost mod today, the annoying part was i completely forgot to take a screenshot, yes a mistake from me, i dont know if i won anything. It's okay if i didn't.. it's all good
  7. I have done it with LTC on several occasions, but only For low payout.
  8. I once played a bet with someone that a fan will gate crashed a match during the copa America cup, but i lost that certain bet though
  9. Primedice AI bot loves it when you play low payouts. It gives you green on the first 1-5 rolls, trust me after those 5 rolls, you're in for a nice red race roll between you and primedice, nothing will work at this stage, the AI bot will switch with you whenever you switch sides. My advice is use low payout to get ammo asap then switch to high payout or just stay glow to 2x martingale.
  10. Have been playing on primedice for quite a while now and believe me you will always come back to primedice wherever you go to. There is this great feeling you will always get on primedice. Mine is the mutecoin promotion whenever a player abuse or say something nasty
  11. We all have been doing our to tell people about primedice forum in our own little special ways, especially if we see someone complaining about missing rain or faucet, i personally always direct them to play the forum giveaway or to be active on forum by getting involve in forum activities. Wish supplement all.
  12. Most of us made it to the minimum withdrawal amount but lost it when ever we try to win a little more to cover the withdrawal fees. An act that need to be put into check
  13. Libra is a stable coin, i see no reason for it to affect bitcoin, Bitcoin price will reach it's usual peak of $20,000. Who need libra when we have bitcoin
  14. Max bet option has been removed but i still ends up bring it back whenever am rolling on Primedice because am addicted to all in after 3-4 constant red rolls
  15. It is not wise to go into gambling without any capital, going into gambling with little capital will give you leverage to try out new strategy even if it doesn't work, but playing with rain and tip from players is not going to worth the stress, because it will takes to many effort to reach the minimum payout, but the reverse is the case with a capital.