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  1. Interesting, can't wait to try this upcoming challenge out
  2. Various partners has pulled out fron libra project
  3. Inrrad somewhere bitcoin is dropping because of bakkt, bakkt has activated a massive selloff of Bitcoin and looking at the way the event is unfolding, bitcoin is likely to drop more in value
  4. A lottery from primedice would be nice. Am sure some of the players here can attest to it
  5. With our stats in display, I won't say am a winner gambler. But i wish there is a way to change my stats to green for good
  6. Anything can happen on PD, most of us have a thing to say about red streaks, when mine is 20 streaks
  7. On crypto dicing, a strong mentality play a strong part in everything we, some of us can stand getting 3-4red before we take the all in option. What makes us think the next roll will not still be a red?
  8. Most of us have a losing bets, but its wise tonot count our loses, you willbe tempted to deposit each time you bust, best to just see yourself having fun on primedicd and not the other way, if you will recover, you will.
  9. Am doing all my possible best to get a positive statistics on primedice, but it looks like a lost course. It is possible but not working for me at the moment
  10. Whatever you decidebuddy, makes sure it is manual. Because manual rules
  11. It always feels good when you get to minimum withdrawal fees from scratch but greed always set in and that's when busting is evitable.
  12. With quantum computer solving bitcoin algorithm shouldn't be too difficult due to the fast processing, but sadly the super computer is not available for all
  13. I haven't been able to withdraw anything this month, maybe am not doing it right, i will love it if one of you guys can share a strategy with me. Am being slaughtered here
  14. Withdrawing is still very much okay, i observed you start losing the very moment you tip or make use of the vault.