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  1. Ouch.. bitcoin is slowly going down this month i think hope it will just rise..
  2. username: lublychick thanks abbas ,god bless you more
  3. Maybe you have a good idea there for the sake also of those betting low amount pay-out and expecting for the betting to be more fast coz maybe they're bored already to wait for the speed
  4. I just wonder guys if bitcoin on the future is still acceptable since its a virtual money and prone to hack and if being hacked theres no concrete evidence to blame a certain hacker since it is online and theres still many countries didn't accept it. In your guess.. will bitcoin be gone or be more recognize and be popular? please share some taught.
  5. me I'm sucks in cooking :'(
  6. me also, I use aloe vera and coconut oil, somehow my falling hair lessens
  7. by just smoking I sometimes swings my mood back to being calm again.. I love smoking by the way
  8. sexychick

    Trump's reign

    Are you in favor of Trump's administration? For me I dont sense a development..
  9. unfortunately for me also, I haven't visited any of it also..
  10. good luck, may luck be with you soon
  11. Its like the end of the world is already coming..
  12. I sometimes use it, when it gets boresome hehe.. ;D