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  1. Yo Crypto Lovers! Please shed light on the most secured Bitcoin wallets ( that charges low fees ), where I can store my BTC for at least 2 to 3 years or perhaps more. Your Feed will be appreciated, Thank you! ❤️
  2. Thanks for sharing your valuable information @CaptainLorca
  3. Nice Post, but XRP has got me excited after its tremendous rise, wishI could have some, but stellar seems promising too which is still undervalued at this time.
  4. if the price of BTC shows a greater rise in 2018 in comparion to 2017, Then i would definitely stack some for 2018. But if the prices skyrocket in 2018, then i will Short my btc for profit. Further, if the price retraces, then i will go Long on btc, and will wait for the price rise. Note: Don't put all your eggs in one busket, Better to diversify the risk focusing on portfolio creation.
  5. Hello, Is there anyone from Pakistan who has experience of BTC mining ? i would like to have a conservation based on setting up a btc mining rig at my home. Please reply ASAP! Thank you! Peace!
  6. Respect is must on this thread otherwise Offensive and abusive comments will be deleted and the user will be banned on this thread.
  7. Good Luck to me, I am in from now on , Username : dznuts8585
  8. i won't do anything, i will try to recover rather than beating myself or punchin my screen
  9. only paper wallets are the safest wallets <3