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  1. I do fit the criteria. You sure do, PoRk.
  2. VIP UnixPunk 20:50 a few tips to grease the wheel, then everyone will carry a flag for person XXX Unix knows what's up. Listen to him.
  3. Maaaybe a little limit within the first week of registration, nothing after that.
  4. Yep, pretty obvious who it is too.
  5. You're a bit right on that one, actually.
  6. Glen could have a shot at moderator. MrNice? Lol, come on now. Robear would definitely be a great moderator.
  7. I'd like to, I've done it before ;D
  8. I got permamuted 4 times and had each and every one of them overturned. Then I got muted for 6666666 hours lol.
  9. StarBruck


    Why you so mad about Yolodice? Funny because PD has had more hacks than any other site lol.
  10. The live support is great, I also like that it's seperate from the trollbox chatroom.
  11. http://bitcoinprbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Prime-Dice-Logo.jpg How about this lol
  12. Mobile chat is a hot mess right now.
  13. The most players in PD? "Russia"
  14. Username: StarBruck http://forum.primedice.com/introduce-yourself/starbruck/msg1960/#msg1960
  15. Yeah, RIP BetKing. Would be wise not to reopen, who knows if the same hacker will return and steal more money?
  16. StarBruck

    Thx PD

    Yeah, good luck with that.
  17. <---------------------------
  18. The first physical giveaway, nice to see PD is really stepping up their game.
  19. Nice win, Rob! Buy some Tequila