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    kwetiaw got a reaction from Gannicus in Describe your Sex Life using a Movie Title   
    Young and Dangerous
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    kwetiaw reacted to nekochan05 in Primedice Video/Art Competition - 0.2 BTC Prize Pool   
    is it ok if only a picture of my food art ?
    hope you like this
    Link to image:
    Primedice username : nekochan05
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    kwetiaw reacted to Edward in [0.06 a week] Forum Heroes!   
    Every Sunday at midday GMT the people who received the most positive reputation will receive 0.01 BTC each.
    Good luck all! Remember don't abuse this system or you'll be banned instantly. If you feel you're being abused (Negged for no reason etc.) PM Dan or Micro. If you neg someone be sure to reply/quote as to why. Similar to upvoting. 
    1st: 0.02
    2nd: 0.015
    3rd: 0.01
    4th: 0.01
    5th: 0.005
    NOTE by hui: While this one was paid timely on the 25th of June it is currently suspended since we are working on it to become even it better. We announce when this will be continued. Stay tuned!
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    kwetiaw reacted to hui in The Primedice Palindrome Hunt! [Up to 0.5 BTC in prizes!]   
    Even if you don't manage to get into the top ten you can still easily get more than 25 points so you are eligible for lottery tickets, which make up half of the payout price!