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  1. Because if PD want to reward non whale player, it's not worth enough
  2. How to calculate the chance of getting 22.22 ?
  3. kwetiaw

    berapa pendapatan

    saya sih main forum bct, dapat Rp 5 juta / minggu Lumayan lah buat main cowok
  4. kwetiaw

    How to delete your post?

    Usually, I'm asking moderator to delete my post or someone report our post
  5. PPP scheme attract more traffic but easy to abuse But with this scheme, it will attract some traffic back but not as much as PPP scheme Username : gramedia
  6. On 15 July : $ 2.014 On 15 Aug : $ 4.477 ( Price got higher because Japanese and Korea already legalize bitcoin) On 15 Sept : $ 2.835 ( Price got lower because China ban bitcoin ) On 15 Oct : $ 5500++ So I can conclude that on 15 Nov , bitcoin value will be lower than $ 4000 !! What's your opinion about my prediction ?
  7. It's fun to see you're in profit Will try if I've enough money to test it out
  8. kwetiaw

    Last copied

    https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=191.0 My local bitcoin thread
  9. Naruto and now I'm waiting Boruto for Grown Up
  10. kwetiaw

    Last letter game

  11. kwetiaw

    Last letter game

  12. kwetiaw

    where are u from and where do u live ?

    I'm from Indonesia, Jakarta
  13. kwetiaw

    Last letter game

  14. kwetiaw

    Imagine the World Without GOD

    World will be more Chaos than ever
  15. kwetiaw

    Talking to yourself

    Sometimes I'm doing automagically And when I realized that I was crazy sometimes