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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from Thugstream in Whos a Proud Poppa or Momma   
    I've very proud and love showing my kids off. I don't know it anyone else here has any pictures they wanna show off. I'll start ANY PERVERTED COMMENTS I"LL FIND YOU AND HURT YOU .

    I have other kids i Just don't haven't found any cute pices of them thats 2 of my 4
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    DMTripp27 reacted to vinka1976 in PD should have a cool motto that rhymes? Shouldn't it?   
    i love this one
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from vinka1976 in PD should have a cool motto that rhymes? Shouldn't it?   
    PD poem
    I'm gonna write this off the top of the head,
    Prime Dice what can be said?
    The place you go before bed.
    Sometimes you win, more often you lose,
    They have giveaways just don't snooze.
    Love the people, but hate my luck,
    Lucky for me i don't give a f**k.
    With that being said,
    Its time for bed.
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from jamyr in Another DMT strat   
    So on this one you will need/do the following:
    Starting balance:0.001
    Base Bet 0.0000005 Sats
    Payout 11.1111
    increase on lose 13.5%
    Don't let it run forever as you will bust but without being to unlucky you  should be able t run it for 15-20 mins take a break change seeds whatever it is you do when you take breaks 
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from mimoza1984 in Faucet to 0.15   
    I decided to stop playing for awhile go play some csgo i'm sure i could have won more but i also could have busted it all. Either way i'm alright with it for now.
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from RabMalfoy in Another DMT strat   
    its not bust proof by any means but most the time i can left it run for hours and be fine. i've said it multiple times on the forum. 
    i could because your so kind. its as follows
    Start balance 50k-100k 
    Base bet: 0.00000005
    Payout: 10x
    Increase on Loss 12%
    I normally run it with such a low balance incase it does bust however i would say 70-80% of the time i can set it and forget it. I let it run on the dice bot one time for 3 days without touching it and didn't bust. HOWEVER I HAVEN"T TRIED IT FOR MORE THEN A FEW HOURS ON PD SINCE PD HATES LETTING ME WIN ON AUTO. So if you do try it use a small balance nothing below 50k though 
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from ferik in Is Primedice really number 1?   
    honestly comparing the sites that i have played on no they would be ranked 2nd right now and prob soon to be 3rd. This is depending on how you play though. 
    HR's should not play on primedice because there is no incentive to becoming VIP. HR's should go play on Bitsler as they have great features when it comes rewarding the high limit players. Daily loss back % from money lost over the past week.
    Forever everyone else right now DuckDice is the best place to play the faucets are larger and it doesn't take as much to gamble as it does here. they have the rain bot and very friendly players that enjoy sharing. However max faucet is 3.5k (or all other currencies it equals 3.5k sats). in order to get the max faucet you only have to wager a 20 BTC (here it doesn't even increase until you wager 10 btc).
    Primedice has the best marketing ideas and the best giveaways. They could easily be number 1. The already have the reputation. I know my opinion isn't gonna be a popular one but i believe that honesty is always the best policy.
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from Bojana in Erie Isn't So Bad   
    none that late at night need more people like @Irena and @Bojana to make the view better haha 
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from Bojana in Real Life Pictures!   
    I think I might be in love
    Everyone is beautiful have the confidence ladies.
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    DMTripp27 reacted to Edward in The most stupid way you lost BTC   
    Shorting Eth
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from fabianabank in Real Life Pictures!   
    Couples pictures of me. 

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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from suzobo in Means of Transportation   
    first one is my one bike and car the second one is of my new bike that i am so in love with 

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    DMTripp27 reacted to 3mily in what is bitcoin hard fork   
    So now i finally adres the so called bitcoin hard fork to try and explain it the easy way for the average Bitcoin user as it truns out from the poll i made not so long ago asking primedice users if they know or understand what they heard about to happen on the 1st of August this year.
    Will break this down in two parts first is : 1. what will happen ? and second is : 2. how does this affect you ?
    1. We are here because of disagreement regarding improvements that was needed to be done to bitcoin try to see it this way, bitcoin will split into two systems that will function in paralell. This will be the first of this kind so many still fight it because it will cost a lot for those who will actually do it. There is many technical issues regarding this split that i will not discuss here but rather adres it in other posts later on. So the basic idea is that the ledger will be replicated on both systems so that your key used to control a certain amount will be used to controll it on both system at the same time. With this you will have double the amount of coins worth only half or even less then the original one you had before the split. Doubling the amount of coins the price will suffer and i have high hopes that it will only be temporarily but no one can tell. 
    2. in this next part i hope to answer the important question you guys are thinking right now and that is what will happen to my bitcoin. There will be most likely the two situation like when it really is your bitcoin or not. If you have direct control of the key after the split it is up to you to make the decision what to do with it, also keep in mind that rushing into anything will not be a smart move, so many including myself  recommend waiting to let things calm down for a while after the split and get you in a better perspective so you can make a better choices, just wait , probably wont even be many new trades right after the split.
    The second category i doubt that will be relevant to the primedice user but ill say it any way, it is when you have invested in bitconins and you have most or at least a big part of bitcoins on one of the exchanges. If you do not withdraw them to a wallet that you control before the fork  you wont be able to choose what really happens to them.
    There will be other explanation too and a more technical version also in more detail.
    If you have any questions so far you can post in comments or just message me.
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from one2ten in POLL : Who is the best streamer ?   
    my favorites streamers are BetonDrew and Tonkaaaap however they don't play dice them play poker. I haven't seen the stgteam yet but i'm most excited to see mrbuttons stream and i believe wolfbain is gonna plan to stream sometime soon 
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    DMTripp27 reacted to Edward in Masturbating   
    Fuck yeh, you're good brother, keep pushing those numbers higher.
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    DMTripp27 reacted to keian in POLL : Who is the best streamer ?   
    @DMTripp27 and @Carollzinha are two of the best streamers here.,
    keep up the good work guys.
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    DMTripp27 reacted to Kevin13 in POLL : Who is the best streamer ?   
    @DMTripp27 and @Carollzinha
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from badguy69 in Am I no Longer a Streamer?   
    So it would appear that i'm no longer a streamer is that the case I told everyone my net is down i've been waiting for it to get fixed. However it appears i have been removed. If thats the case no worries just wondering? I mean i'm still gonna stream either way but was just wondering as my tag has been removed.
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    DMTripp27 reacted to JstLikeMagyk in Night or day   
    It's only ever happened on my birthday or when prearranged, If I found a girl who did it from her own initiative I'd buy her a ring, immediately! 
    Sorry to hear about the two inches debacle maybe next big win you could explore enlargement options. ?
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from Absentt in Whats the sickest "good" run you've sent on?   
    I have 4 that im proud of.
    1.) Turned 2500 faucet into 1.25 btc in 36 hour gambling binge (on Bitsler)
    2.) Turned 0.87 ETH into 100 in about 13 hours (on bitsler)
    3.) Turned 0.03 into 4.5 BTC in 24 hours (on DuckDice)
    4.) Turned 20k sats into 0.13 on stream (on PD). However busted it in just 4 rolls after stream ended on 1.98 chance haha.
    I wanna hear everyones sickest runs goooooooo
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    DMTripp27 got a reaction from bigbrankx in Whats the sexiest accent?   
    I wanna know what people find as the sexiest accent? TO me give me a lady with a Spanish or English accent OMG watch me stand at attention.
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    DMTripp27 reacted to Edward in name you're favourite drug and why.   
    3 months clean bud
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    DMTripp27 reacted to Jenn09 in If You were Admin for a day   
    I will  make rain on PD !! I want to experience that too, chatting and giving money/tips to others.
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    DMTripp27 reacted to 3mily in Whats the sickest "good" run you've sent on?   
    the highest i got so far starting with 400K was 0.097 but lost it all in 3 bets on 2x so i dont know if it counts
    on sport bets site i made once 7650 Euros from 200 depo and 200 bonus , that i withdraw so i consider that the sickest lol , hope i can hit some high wins here also
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    DMTripp27 reacted to Aembh in Whats the sickest "good" run you've sent on?   
    I got close to 1btc once starting with 10k sats but then busted it with 13 2x reds, each betting double the amount of previous bet...