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  1. all is well at the moment thanks for asking meh personal reasons i'd rather not discuss
  2. Hello i hope so. I get along with most people. I seen your loan service on the forum is nice for the community. Hope you have lots of success and make some money along the way
  3. I have decided to make a return to PD not sure if it is to gamble or just catch up with some old friend and meet some new ones. However i would like to make this a interactive diary of sorts as a way to track my win and losses by the day if i do. plus people can get to know me and ask me any questions they might have. Give it a more personal touch.
  4. have you started this yet i would love to follow the progress. I was thinking about starting a diary so to speak so everyone could follow if i ever decided to come back to PD to gamble.
  5. Right now i'm at 1006 bets on the seed and i haven't hit a 990x guess when it hit and the closest person wins 100k. Leave PD username and number. Example : Name DMTripp27 Number: 9990
  6. even at 1k its still a lot higher then it was when site opened and set the standard
  7. He was at work and a lawn mower rolled over and crush him as it fell down an embankment. Does time ever make it better? How do i move it?
  8. Today marks the 1 year point where i lost my dad. I miss him so much. It was an accident while he was at work that took him away. I can't stop thinking about him everyday. What i wouldn't give to have one more handshake from him. I just wish the pain would go away.
  9. me personally i'm pissed cause i let PD steal it all instead of saving it haha
  10. there is a site called xcoins.io that you can buy bitcoin with PP the fees are kind of steep because of the risk of charbacks
  11. i personally don't like stake as it has double the house edge on dice and more then 1% on every other game cept maybe BJ
  12. if only i could hit 450x's like you haha