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  1. Lol why nkt train him to be better or be himself
  2. I Agree All The Way She Has Captured My soul in a tiny glass jar
  3. Btc usually dives in the summer and rises in the winter
  4. Would love to hear from u guys whats your favorite music artists looking for new music
  5. Well we all assume we either have bad or good luck but in my opinion or choices made in life influences differnt possible outcomes and luck is just an outcome of a choice you already made at some point what is your ideal based on this matter
  6. No such thing any strat can bust you it all depends on the seed u picked and how you play your rolls all numbers were already pre generated
  7. We all know its eth but im looking forward to seeing doge come right afterwards
  8. Im sure everyone has had THAT moment in gambiling were the urge of losing it all or hitting big overcame them and they hit the almighty evil max bet button and im sure somtimes it was glory filled wins and heartbreaking loses if you find the time share some of you biggest loses and win at max bet mins was for 1.2 btc max bet and i won and then agian i lost numerous times with this ungodly button
  9. Good old dice good old primedicewhen i first joined it was a new experience to me i was never a gambler until i meet pd it absolutely will entertain your time with the community values to add benifit to the experience. Dice sites in the whole are interesting,complex and entertaining but pd being the first representation of what an official crypto gambiling site is suppose to be it quuckly found me as a reagular face in the day to day gambiling community and ive found good friends along the way so the experience is well worth it !! So if pd keeps on evolving whiles keeping moral principle then it will be the best in this day and age of dice related gambiling sites the exspantion of alt coins was a good start and adding more will increase players urge to play at pd more often than other competitors. There are many ways pd can be improved and advertised to gamblers to leep the crowd one place but hopefully the team sorts them out over time i forever stay hopeful. Also i agree with @UltraChief the facet redution and lack reward consumers for wagering is a radical move but in that case do remove it if not try to increase security so actualy depositors benifit from wagering and not bots and clones.
  10. What do you think its a battle of old pd vs new pd who wins in your eyes
  11. Well its soon time to end the year and bitcoin has grown tremendously how much do you think it will be valied by the end of the year
  12. For me my favorite support meber would be bojana helpfull beautiful and full of humor what about you who is your favorite?